I have a question.

I don’t care if it has been asked before, so please don’t bother me with it, just move it or whatever. Anyways, sometimes I experience this weird thing where I cannot tell whether it is a dream I drift into or just daydream while laying down.

It goes like this, I think I am daydreaming at the time while falling asleep. As you know, you are conscious during daydreaming for the most part, but then you begin to drift. Well, I sometimes will seem to zap out of it and, forget what I was either daydreaming or dreaming. I just cannot tell whether it was a daydream or a real dream not vivid. I just completely forget what I was thinking when I zap out of it. Most of the time, I will drift into sleep, sometimes I can zap out of it.

Its like I reach a state of consciousness that is so calm like the dreamstate and I awake from it. It feels like I wake up I think, I don’t pay attention or remember much upon awakening. Things seem hazy and normal, when they are clearly not. I just remembered this odd thing and decided to ask. Maybe I could use HILD tonight to induce my first LD.

I need to know this so that I could possibly use this to realize I am dreaming. Maybe I am doing a WILD without knowing so? My body isn’t moving noticeably, it does when I come to though. Not when daydreaming or dreaming, whichever one it is. I don’t experience any sounds, thumping, SP or anything that I can recall. Just peaceful forgetful DD or dreaming.

Any insight?

It is called “HI” (Hipnagogyc Imagery). Basicly, it means you are about to enter a dream.

You seem confident in your response. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

How do you know this for fact thought? I am able to play with it like a daydream, but when I wake from it, I seem to have forgotten what I was daydreaming. It just ends up not making any sense, and I cannot recall anything. I usually disregard it and move back to sleep.

If this is HI, what does this mean? I don’t recall trying to do a WILD, does this happen sometimes on its own? Why also did I come to and not go to sleep? I am so confused, perhaps I could use this to my advantage.

Edit: Could it be that I am conscious in my daydream while falling asleep, staying aware of my daydream while making it up? I am for sure I cannot move my body, but I don’t recall being totally aware of what was happening, it just felt flowy and I was a little conscious. So perhaps paying attention to my daydreaming while drifting off might be a good habit to induce LD through WILD?

HI happens every time you fall asleep, regardless of whether or not you happen to be attempting an LD technique. It’s just that with WILD, (a tech that requires you to be conscious while falling asleep) you are obviously much more prone to notice it than in any other tech. You probably woke up because you were aware of the HI and were messing with them instead of ignoring and falling asleep like if you were sleeping naturally. Basically, it sounds as though you experienced a failed WILDing. The fact that you weren’t trying to WILD, yet nearly did it anyway, suggests to me that you’re quite the natural when it comes to techs that require you to fall asleep consciously. I would suggest that you cultivate this and use it to your advantage. :yes:

If I may ask, how would you suggest I “cultivate” this natural ability? =D

May I add, I have no idea how this happened. I think I was just day dreaming before sleep. I have also tried to do WILD before, only this form of WILD though: Counting 1 I’m Dreaming, 2 Im dreaming and so on to 100. This got me no where, any natural suggestions?

I would suggest you concentrate your efforts on different WILD techniques that seems to be your strong point. Although, if you’re still a beginner, it may be a better idea to stick with MILD/WBTB as those are widely considered to be more effective and nothing is better than starting your LDing journey off by piling LD’s into your Dream Journal. But if/once you’re more seasoned, and have had multiple LD’s, I would recommend you experimenting with multiple different WILD-related techniques as based on your experience, it sounds as though you have the potential to be greatly successful by using such techniques.

As I said above, there are multiple different ways to WILD, if one doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean the entire family of techs are useless to you. But also, I wouldn’t recommend trying any of these until you’re comfortable in the Dream realm. Many beginners who immediately start off with WILD almost always meet failure, loose hope, and then the will to continue with their LD journey. Don’t let that happen to you; get a few LD’s under your belt through means of DILD or MILD and once you are fairly confident and secure within your dreams, then start trying to see how well a WILDer you are.

I understand what you mean, WILD was the first tech I tried I think out of all of them. I never gave up though, lost a little hope but still the reward is worth all the effort. Despite what you said, I still plan to attempt a form of WILD in which I came up with, for at least a week and record results. Previously, I was using MILD while recording dreams. I will continue with that, soon after I run a small test of my WILD method to see if that is the key to one of my techs. Who knows, it may work. I still will not rely purely on WILD’ing to LD at all, I prefer MILD and DILD all the way.

Thank you Reno for your guidance. :slight_smile: I still am curious to whether I conscously experienced a real HI or not, thats pretty cool if I did.