I have an idea

Last night I tryed a teqniqe of my own ( I dont think I spelled that right but who cares) 8 I imagine im in my head that im in a dream ive havent become lucid from it but I stay concious longer.
do people do this is this a good techniqe ??? :content: ) Im just wondering

 what techniques do you do tell me :grin:      !!

i’ve started doing it lately
i think its called VILD

it usually hasn’t taken me to the dream yet, but it makes it so when is tart falling asleep what i imagine comes true for a few seconds, then i get too sleepy and lose focus.

i will imagine i am writing things on the walls of my house, and looking in cupboards, and such.

i almost got it real good, i was in my backyard and looking at all the cardinal directions, and it almost made me feel like i was spinning, but not strong enough to start spinning and go out of body.

I guess it just takes a little while and concentration…