I have had my 1st Lucid Dream.


It was really easy, somehow. I did a version of WILD. I just went to bed normally, but RIGHT when I was about to fall asleep I sarted counting. Less than a minute later I felt like I was stnding up. I opened my eyes and looked at my hands, which looked normal. I tried sticking my finger through my hand. That didn’t work, either. I tried breathing through my nose, and that worked, so I was positive that I was dreaming. It was sort aof a middle level LD. I could control everything perfectly (I made a little fireball with my hands and flew for a few feet, among other things) but it was hazy, like someone turned down the contrast. When I yelled, “Increase lucidity!” my eyes were suddenly very hard to open in my dream. I spent a good minute fighting to keep them open so I wouldn’t wake up. The dream seemed like a half an hour, but it went through a half a day.

I would say that I suceeded. :happy:

Hey! Congrats!!! That’s a real cool WILD. :content:

Yea congrats. I’ve had 2 but I woke up right away.

congradulations :happy: Im still working on it but i know it will happen soon.

Thanks for the congratulatory comments. babsnakes, don’t worry, it’ll happen extremely soon. I started lucid dreaming last sunday, so it took me 1 week to have my first LD. How long have y ou been trying?


:sad: Like 2 months