I just learned a cook technique

This one may allready be on here, but I just heard about it yesterday. What you do is you wake up an hour early before you usualy do, and stay awake, and in that hour do a RC every two or three minutes. Do this for one week, and the next week wake up when you usualy do, and you should become lucid pretty easy.

Another technique I came up with is… Carry your DJ with you during the day, and when you do a RC, flip thru your DJ, and find a random dream, read it, and imagine your in the dream then do a RC by pinching your nose, but dont squeeze , just hold it, and breath as you would in a dream. The idea is to feel the diffrence between doing a RC in waking life, and doing one in a dream. I dont know if it makes sence, but Im going to give it a try, because I miss alot of lucidety, because not realy focusing on breathing thru my nose.

This one already has a name. It’s called Cycle Adjustment Technique, a.k.a. CAT

Im blown away with how many techniques they are.