I just realised something about when I WILD...

I always thought I could never fall asleep when I would WILD, yet I only think about the ones I try while on my back (pretty uncomfortable), because I stay awake during those and remember everything quite clearly.

The thing is evey time I try it while Im in my most comfortable position I fall asleep really soon after or just stay awake from lack of being tired. Ive attempted to WILD while NOT on my back, but never remember what happens during those times. My question is could this mean that Im making progress to LDing willingly before fallling asleep at night?

Laying in the back is good but you should relax all the body totally, it’s hard.

When your mind fall asleep you failed WILD, you should be always mindful only the body can sleep.

Almost the same for me, but when I try to WILD on my side I have a harder time concentrating. And I can’t find a good position.

The best position is laying in the back in savasana that is the relaxing position in yoga and also used for laying meditation, I’m used to sleep in that position but is hard to get the hang of it.

If you learn to fully relax the body it’s easy to concentrate.

I find the back easiest to concentrate in… I just fall asleep too fast on my side.

I’m going to have to read up on this savasana and give it a shot.