I knew this would come up sooner or later...

Drinking. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. But during the week, I am always sober, and I seem to be having progress with dream recall and LD methods. However, when I drink (even if it’s VERY little alcohol, like last night), I usually don’t remember my dreams or notice dream signs, induction methods, etc. I did MILD and WBTB last night (as usual), but still, it’s as if I went to sleep normally, like I used to. Do any of you find that alcohol really cuts into your LD induction time???

yes when alcohol is involved i always revert back to sleeping like a dead man. it turns you incoherrent anyways when your in the real world so i can only see it having negative effects when your asleep.

Alcohol tends to increase dream’s vivdness, but also seems to lower chanse of DILD. However, if you’ll have one, it can be cool LD.