I know im going to sound crazy, but...

… What if this ‘life’ or this ‘reality,’ or whatever you want to call it, is actually one huge, extremely vivid, shared lucid dream. And our ‘main consciousness’ actually lies somewhere… else. Which would really mean when we dream, its a dream within a dream as in Inception.

But if our main consciousness lies somewhere else, doesn’t mean that this is all a non-lucid dream? :uh: If our main consciousness were here it would be lucid.

Sorry I phrased it wrong, I meant more or less our main entity of being.
But it could be our main counciousness, couldn’t it? I haven’t managed to become lucid yet but I assume when one is it feels like you are completely concious. So maybe in this life we just feel very vividly concious. Its just an idea haha :happy:

I don’t approve… just my opinion.

I saw a lot of threads with “What if this is the dreamworld and the dreamworld is reality ?” and stuff like that. Nah… real life time lasts longer than a dream, it is a lot more vivid and too sophisticated to be a dream.

Don’t take it personally, it’s my opinion after all :smile:

The matrix has you!

Of course that’s your opinion, its nothing personal :smile:

Although, I wasn’t suggesting the dream world is reality and this is a dream - not at all.

The dream world is definitely the dream world and this is definitely our reality. I just thought perhaps we have a ‘higher self’ which is our main entity before we are born and after we leave this world. So in effect before we are born we ‘go to sleep’ (figuratively) and wake up here. Then when we die we ‘re awaken’ up there (or where ever this higher self is).

And as for this life being too long to be a dream - I agree, in our understanding of dreaming it is by far. But maybe this isn’t within our understanding, yet :happy:

I wonder if I’m making any sense haha

In fact yes, you do make some sense. :smile:

Have you ever heard old people (60, 70 years old) saying something like “It seems like only yesterday I was playing football…” and start telling their stories from when they were young ? Well… that could be something related to what you are trying to explain.

Still, I 90% don’t agree with it :tongue:… and supposing you are right. How could we know ?

Yes, I’ve thought about this concept quite a bit recently, mostly due to Inception. Something else to mull over is what if we just took a sort of “life” drug in another state of consciousness?

Sorry but… you don’t make any sense right now :tongue: (for me)

You’ve taken those words out of my mind sir. I have thought about that a lot. I know it ain’t true but i do think about it

That is quite possibly… possible. :razz:
Many people can come up with their own theories and opinions, but the truth of the matter is, no one really knows. Most of us will continue living our mainstream lives, saying that this is reality, and our dreams are simply dreams.

But there could always be that small doubt, I suppose. That this is not reality, and maybe a dream? How could we know? Maybe its not as simple as becoming “lucid” in our dreams?
It could be that we may never come to realize it is a dream, as in, perhaps this is like a movie: We live in this “dreamworld” while the “real” dreamer is asleep. But when that dreamer wakes up, our “dream” life is put on pause, and we are completely unaware. Then when this dreamer goes to sleep, our dream lives (which would be what we consider “reality”) continue as if there was never any interruption. Just some ideas/thoughts :content: (Sorry if that was confusing xD)

Its difficult to say anything for sure, but the way things are, I suppose its easier to say that this is reality.

Yes, and what if the Empire State Building just suddenly turned into a big banana split? You may think that’s ridiculous, but what if?

Heh, I’ve thought about this before, even back when I was 10 or so. =P I think that it could be true. I mean, there’s so much that we don’t understand about this kind of thing that anything could be possible.

We are thinking about it, we know it’s likely not to be true, but we can’t know if it’s true or not, so… why think ? :content:

According to a lot of Tibetans and other people in this world, the life we live really is a dream! I fully believe this as well, and have made it my life’s goal to snap out of it! Not been successful so far, but I do believe we all have to capability to become enlightened.

oops I should of posted this ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … highlight= here. Its perfect for it. Maybie a mod can move it for me. I was meaning to, but I couldnt find it. I honestly do think that life could very well be a dream. Or maybie we are in the cave man days having a dream that when we wake up from it it will be like one of those dreams that was deeply profound, and weird, but we cant begin to grasp it when we wake up. LOL

Or do you think we will raise to a higher state of consiosness when we wake up. We will go into another dream fully lucid. Maybie we are all one person. I dont know I love these what if questions.

I was walking along the railroad tracks the other day, and I looked at them, and was amazed. Look at a railroad track… There are wooden ties every foot with 8 spikes in each one then they lay gravel under the track, and then you have the rails. It allmost seems impossible to do that think of all the miles, and miles of railroad tracks in America, or anywhere. They had to cut wood, and shape it, and lay one every foot. I was thinking that what if it is just the Matrix put it there, because. If you really give it some thought thats pretty unbeleivble. Go look at a railroad track, and think about it. Oh yea, they allso had to make the rails, and spilkes thats alot of metal, and you think it was done by humans. I dont think so it was Aliens man. No it was the Matrix. Built by Aliens. Aliens didnt build the pryamids they were making railroad tracks in this dream world. Allso trains is aliens moving. Its the perfect cover. They hide in the train. It cant be stoped, and nobody ask questions. Ok thats getting a bit off topic, but to get back on. We are in a dream world, and railroad tracks are the proof

Kava, you aren’t making any sense right now :tongue: Railroad tracks are the proof for being in a dream world ? Aliens ? You sound like… eh… won’t say. Come on ! What’s the big deal ? Miles of railroad. You know, there were people working all day, hammering and getting paid to do that. And now with these modern machines, like those huge helicopters which can lift a whole oil tanker in the sea, and with those huge ships which are more than 100m tall… it doesn’t surprise me a bit that they could do miles of railroads…

You should take a break Kava… and, sorry for the off-topic discussion - hey, It wasn’t totally off-topic :content:

but i always thought they would think that everything around them is just a construction of their mind, with other words it’s no shared dream at all it means I’m the only real being while everything else is a creation of my mind and thats why none of you are real.
I myself don’t belief that but think it’s quite realistic (dunno how else to say)
just that i think it’s too risky to belief such things cause i then would have to live with the consequenzes if this isn’t a dream.

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