I made a RC and became lucid, but I can't recall it now

Yesterday I had a really interesting and long dream, I’m writing it down in my DJ as I type here. Im 100% sure I made a Reality Check in that dream and it worked, I became lucid for a few seconds, I remember breathing very slowly and thinking ‘‘I’m going to keep my lucidity’’ and similar thoughts. However I didnt, good thing is though, I didn’t wake up so I guess thats something.

What bothers me is, I can’t remember where in the dream exactly did I make that RC, the setting and time and chronological order of events I just can’t recall them. It was a really long dream full of stuff, so I can’t type where and when the RC happened, the only thing I know is, that It happened, for sure.

Has this happened to you? Am I one step closer to reaching a nice full LD? :tongue:

You had a lucid dream (well… moment but none the less)
Congratulations :smile:

If it was a long dream it is perfectly normal not being able to recall all of it. A lot of experienced lucid dreamers intentionally wake themselves up after feeling they’ve reached their goal with the dream, only to be certain they can recall it in good detail. (And some of us simply do wake up whether we want to or not in our lucid dreams lol xD).

You aren’t any steps closer to reaching a nice full LD, cos you’re already there. Now you just need to learn how to control it.

Thanks! Those few precious seconds felt incredibly great, and I thought this same thing while I was breathing deeply inside my dream!

Ah I wish I could recall it, but after I finished writing my dream in my DJ I found out an RC sign! But I doubt that was the time I performed the RC. I’m going to keep up writing in my DJ everyday I recall something, its amazing how helpful it can be, which I never though so at first.

Thanks for your comment :smile:

Ah yes, this sort of thing happened in the dream I had last night. I remembered the beginning and end fine, but in the middle I just have random memories and I have no clue what order they go in. I think it’s just a normal thing with long dreams.

I know what you mean when you say that those few seconds felt great, my only true lucid dream lasted just seconds as well and it was quite an amazing feeling, not to mention that putting my finger through my hand felt weird, but I was kicked out of the dream instead. XP