I make up excuses instead of questioning reality?

in my dreams when i question the things that happen i usually get a DC or even myself to give a reason for the strange things. Like one time my friend’s dad was a captain nemo-looking person, but she told me it was her uncle. I tried reading something in my dream (which is one of the dream signs i’ve been working on) but when i cant read it i dismiss it as being a different language or whoever wrote the paper has bad handwriting. This lady was attacking me so i dragged her with me into a lake and i dived in, pushing her down. She was running out of air but i wasn’t, and i figured, since ive been a swimmer for almost my entire life, i could stay underwater for a longer period of time than most people can. So in my dreams i reason myself out of noticing my dreamsigns.

Is this common? What am i doing wrong?

It happens to me all the time.

Actually, most of the time I don’t even make excuses, I just shrug it off.

I wouldn’t say your doing anything wrong, your simply thinking too logically. Or maybe not logically enough.

That’s where the problem comes in.

I only see this as due to your train of thought, you dismiss certain aspects of your given reality. I would say begin to test this. Start looking at different languages, and instead of saying “oh well thats japanese, I can’t read that”, question what it means. Go to google translate and figure it out, or use some other method.
If you study any foreign languages, or began to study them, this might be a nice fix to your issue. Only, the key here isn’t just languages, its actually questioning aspects of the setting around you.
I can’t give you a complete answer on how to fix this, nor do I think anyone really can, given it’s how you think about your reality. I say begin questioning things more. Why they happen, what causes them, how they all work.

Hope you find an answer to your dilemma, sorry I couldn’t be of more help :content:

This has happened to me too. One time I had a FA, even did a hand RC. I couldnt see my hands, but just figured it was cause my eyes were blurry from just waking up lol.

Then I also had a flying dream which I told myself I should do a RC but then just shrugged it off and kept flying.