I need music help

Can anybody refer me to any kind of music they have listened to get lucid dreams. I mean any kind doesnt matter. :help:

IDK not really music but i heard the brainwave generator can be effective at inducing LDs. I dont have a link to download it but if you google it im sure youll find something, think you have to pay from everything i’ve seen.

I usually listen to Goa or psychedelic chillout.

I recommend you try Sphongle, Hallucinogen, Ott, Haldolium, Artax

This kind of music doesn’t have too much lyrics in them so you don’t have to concentrate on what their saying in the song, just listen to the beat and feel the rythem :smile:

I’ve never found that this has worked for me, since when I listen to music, it wakes me up and I cannot fall asleep :shy:

For me it is the opposite. I loose focus on the dreaming part and fall asleep, so I usually just listen to the music to get relaxed, and when I am really relaxed I take my headphones off and go wild, literally :tongue: