I need some music!!


I’ll take anything. But I prefer really fast violins/pianos, and I’m not too keen on country/rap/traditional music…

Suggest music!! :smile:

Piano, eh?

Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag :tongue:

I just like it. :boogie:

Do you like tango? Gotta love it…

I’ll give you three fusion tango bands. I’m chosing fusion because it’s nice to get a mix of things especially while you’re getting used to a new kind of music, learning to appreciate it.

Tango+Jazz is gorgeously played by Al Di Meola, jazz guitarrist. Look for his album Di Meola plays Piazzolla, it’s awesome.

Tango+Electronic Music (and I mean the good kind of electronic music, not that brainwashing reiteration of meaningless noises) has become quite a nice fusion style, with a lot of good bands sprouting everywhere.

Since tango is originally Argentinian, I can’t possibly begin to tell how great is the music produced there these days. Look for a compilation called Tango Club, it’s delicious.

Another great group is the French Gotan Project. Look for their album called La Revancha del Tango. Stunning stuff.

If you like fast pianos, you should look for brazillian chorinhos, especially stuff written by Chiquinha Gonzaga, Waldir Azevedo and Pixinguinha. Try to look for Waldir Azevedo’s “Brasileirinho,” it’s my favourite and it’s gorgeous.

I hope you know your way around jazz, otherwise we could have a really huge list of recommendations here.

If rather electronic music is ok:

aphex twin - kick a** violin sola (VERY GOOD)
moby - hymn

Also have a look for argentinian electronic called “electro tango”, the band´s quite famous.

BB: Mwehehe. I have the sheet music, and it is, indeed, awesome.

B: Tango? Hm. Haven’t heard much of that. I’ll give it a shot! :smile:

Lack of B (in name): I don’t have much electronic music yet. I’ll have to look into those groups also…!

Looks like I’ll have something to spend my giftcards on! Keep them coming!!

These just popped into my head since you wrote violin or piano. But some more general recommendations in the wide genre of more or less electronic stuff, here are my favourites:

infected mushroom (goa music)
jazzamor (jazzy chilled music)
portishead (triphop)
air (uhm… don´t know, rather relaxed)
alpha & omega (electronic reggae / dub)

Martin Leung is a race-player on piano. Google “Video Game Pianist” and listen to his “Super Mario” remix compositions.

Download some of flogging molly !

Its a mix between punk and irish folkmusic REALLY cool (not kiddin) :grin:

Try some Japanese music… It’s got some good piano and violon. :razz: Maybe download Two Bell Silence by Glay or Aint Afraid To Die by Dir en Grey. Then again, perhaps Japanese music isn’t what you’re looking for. xD

David Lanz - Firedance

It’s one of my favorite songs. It’s pretty fast too.

Ah… I don’t like that guy. And he’s nothing compared to w3sp.


[color=darkblue]Oh, you probably wouldn’t like much of my music judging by some of the other suggestions but I can’t resist suggesting you listen to some prog-metal or even some classic prog like rush or yes.

I personally like more modern stuff and love fast violins/ pianos when used in rock/ metal. You might want to check therion out, but not the really early stuff…[/color]

Enya - celtic fiddle

It’s very good mabye it’s called celtic violen.

Alright, none of this music is exactly what you asked for, but I love it to much to not tell you about it.

Check out:
Devendra Banhart
Joanna Newsom
Animal Collective
The Skygreen Leapords
(all of those are psychedellic, otherworldly, folk-ish music)

Aesop Rock
(I know you said you didn’t like rap, but give this guy a shot. He’s not like most hip hop you hear these days, unless you listen to his newer stuff. Try his stuff from the album Labor Days.)

If you want fast and good violin, try Vanessa Mae. :smile:

You may wanna try Sigur Ros ( Like saeglopur for instance ) as well, it’s not the fastest sound ever :tongue:, but they got some extremely powerfull songs. :content: