i think i had my first lucid dream

well i was really tired cause i got up in the middle of the night so when i went back to bed immediatly when i started dreaming i was like, “im dreaming”. I was not even making it a big deal. the thing was that it was kinda hard to control my dreams. I mean i was trying to do something but like when your dreaming, you dont control what is going on. so it went like i was trying to teleport myself somewhere but it was hard to concentrate on where i wanted to go but i did it eventually and i did that thing where you spin around and say “INCREASE LUCIDITY!!” and it kinda worked. the DC i was looking sorta flucuated and became more solid and it worked.
it was like i could only half control my dreams. it was weird but what i dont understand most is why when i stopped trying to lucid dream after about a month without being sucessful, i finally had an LD?

Congats on youre first LD ! :thumbs:

It was a LD. Congrats! :clap:

What induction technique were you using?

Congrats on your first LD. :tongue:

You can clarify for us but it sounds like a spontaneous LD to me, oh and just for clarity an LD is simply a dream in which your dreaming and are concious of that fact while dreaming.