ideas for a beginner LD-er to do in LD? (ideas)

what would be a fun thing for a begginer lucid dreamer to do?

When I was a true beginner, I used to go around punching people in the face. Just to see how they’d react. Ofcourse they didn’t react to it.
As a beginner, you may not wanna dive right into the flying or walking through mirrors and whatnot. Maybe you just wanna go nuts and do the first thing that comes to mind. Because you can’t do that IRL and it’s very liberating to get to do it. But if you wanna try to fly, go ahead and do it. I find even failure can be funny.

telephone - Call any number, either real or made up and you’ll hear a voice saying something completely unpredictable. Well, for me personally this test always has interesting results. :smile:

whispa, that is an aaamaaazing idea! haha Never thought of that,


turn on a TV and watch yourself when you were like 5 years old, from a third person perspective.

Or play a guitar and expect to be awesome - then you’ll be awesome without needing to practice!

Like if you had the pick of destiny.


I don’t know, on my first lucid dream I was summoning objects, flying, walking through doors and stuff. It was awesome.-obi

The force is strong within you Obi Wan :smile: xD

Well, I think that flying or doing something you can’t do IRL would be fun.

I like what Li10 says :razz: Expecting to be awesome… I’ll try that

I would suggest just stopping for a second to say “WOW! I’m Dreaming!” and then bend down, pick up some sand and feel how real it feels in your hand. Then look around at how pretty and real everything is. Then do whatever comes naturally or whatever fits the situation… perhaps you are near some food… wonder over and eat some and feel how good and real it tastes. Or perhaps you are near some people… find an attractive lady and kiss her on the lips… feel how sensational it is. Perhaps there is a river… go for a swim, or simply wonder around exploring your dreamworld. Be mindful of where you are and what you are doing.

I feel it is very important to do this in your first lucid dream, it is a good way of patting yourself on the back for your wonderful achievement. It also concretes your lucidity, making you more aware and conscious of the fact you are dreaming.

Of course you could go and try something like flying, but at least this way you won’t be let down if you can’t do it.

Wowaweewa… I’ll try that Eonnn :smile: Awesome stuff… Never got the idea.

I like that as well :content:
I wil try to remember this one :smile:

Something i often have no problem doing is exploring neighbours houses. It’s interesting as your mind is guessing how they might look inside. Also if you choose a house that you’ve never seen the owners of in RL, some made up DC’s might appear.

Oh yeah, that’s fun! You never know what you’ll see in there. Not just neighbors, any random house. I think this practise has carried over a little into waking life. The urge to explore places you have no business exploring.

Eonnn, everything you said sounds like it would be wanderful! I have to try that sometime.

Drive a car really, really quickly. Like a Ferrari. Or a McLaren F1. Or stick a jet engine from the Concord on top of a minivan.