I'm afraid... yet I really want to LD (again).

I’m a scientific person :wink:
I consider myself to be intelligent.
Why am I saying this?
Because Id like to make an apology first…
When I first heard of LD, I figured it had to be some
spiritual nonsense. And no matter how tempting it seemed
,I figured it’d be something like tarrot: funny to try but not real.

Yet, ive had one , a little small lucid-like dream… a few days ago:
I dreamed I was a rich lord, having servants and such.
Walking through my school talking to a criminal I was planning
to release, because I knew he wasnt guilty of whatever crime he was accused
of ( this happened walking through my school yard, guess I lacked all sense of logic in my dream).
So I allow him to escape. Suddenly I go look for some thugs, and I pay them to retrieve the criminal alive ( guess I was planning something evil).
The thugs return with the criminal and I ask the mayor to make him my servant since I was the one who ‘captured’ him.
At that point I woke up. Yet, I found that dream to be so pleasant and so amusing that I kept imagining how it shouldve ended.
The next hour or so I spend semi-awake/asleep imagining what’d happen next, and seeing it all happen infront of my eyes.
And it wasnt untill the next day that I shockingly realised how detailed my dream, the dream I was directing from behind the screens, actually was.

I know its not 100% a lucid dream, but it gave me a taste of how amazing it couldve been or wouldve been.

So: Im now fully open to LD ( though im still an atheist).


Yet, im afraid.
Of sleep paralysis , nightmares etc

Im afraid I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, with sleep paralysis seeing
scary demons or zombies or three-headed pigeons … Ive always been afraid of the dark.
I’m afraid I’ll have a nightmare and do something stupid allthough Im lucid.
Getting cornered by a two-headed hydra.
Realise i must be dreaming.
start thinking about all the worst case scenarios and experience something horrible
that id actually be able to ‘feel’ or at the very least would seem real.

Akwardly long post … but meh, i need some motivating words.

Well your worries are totally normal and i think that no one has no fear when first trying LD. Although your worries is completely unnecessary about sleep paralysis, i think most of the fear comes from the name( it sounds creepy) It’s not scary at all, when you know it’s a dream.

It’s not even necessary to experience sp trying LD, you can start of with dream induced lucid dream, which are not dependent of sp.
About those lucid nightmares, they are rare and even if they happen you would be able to wake up or change the dream easily.

Welcome to the forum! / Frequent

Im trying WILD method (the one, who goes thru SP) for a month. Today got first LD using WILD and it wasnt scary at all… I don’t know why, but SP for me seems to be quite calm, I don’t experience any HH or sounds. And about zombies… Don’t open eyes when you are in a SP and you will see no monsters. I have had 5 LD’s and I saw daemon only once (in a first LD), i got scared and woke up… not a big deal, but I was angry that he (daemon) ruined my LD. I was afraid too, but not anymore. Just try it and you’ll see, nothing to be scared of.

Well SP experience is like a lucid dream experience. When you are in a lucid dream you think about something and it happens. That’s how SP works if you experience HH. Think about positive things, things that make you happy and SP will be nice and enjoyable experience. From all WILD’s and SP experience that I went through I can tell that I had 1 scary SP experience and once I awoken in SP.

BUT when I had scary SP it was scary this instant as was happening but when I realized it was only a HH I started to laugh to myself how I was scared for nothing and when I awoken in SP I wasn’t scared at all, because I knew what was happening and experience wasn’t scary at all.

My point is that you need to have a positive approach toward this experience… Also there are rare cases where someone wakes up in SP, because if this would be a case of a normal thing then we would awake in SP every time, which we don’t…
So don’t worry and don’t be scary because only you can make this whole experience positive or negative. I would also suggest to open your eyes in SP, because things you can see will make you wonder how great things our mind can create… :content:

Good luck and welcome!

When I came across the concept of Lucid Dreaming back in 2009, I thought exactly the same, since I’m a 120% skeptical. However, before I totally threw it out of my window, I came across the scientifical proof of S. LaBerge, that undeniably proves LD’s, and it was done in laboratory conditions and is not based on anecdotical “evidence” like other spiritual stuff. That made me actually try to get some LD’s and I was successful in a pair of months. :happy:

There is nothing spiritual about LD’s, as they are totally possible when looking from the biological point of view as well. If you want to know how our brain functions when we are dreaming (lucid dreaming) and what makes us lucid, I would advice to look up the research of Stephen LaBerge and some other oneirologists. He has some nice valid scientifical articles on the web.

Good luck :happy:.

I was afraid as well, however, through time, thought and experience, I now actually enjoy the feeling of SP. And nightmares have almost become history since I have started practicing LD’ing. I usually don’t get any more than 0-1 nightmares each month. Moreover, when you are lucid, nightmares won’t be a problem, since you can take a nuke out of your pocket :razz:.

If you are smart, you’d know that Lucid Dream was mostly researched by Buddhists and Buddhists are half-atheists. Lucid Dreaming has nothing to do with religion… And if you are an atheist, then you should know that daemons doesn’t exist (and because of that, you should not encounter them, because you dont believe in them) and you should be no afraid of them

If you want it, do it :smile:

Nothing at all to be scared if you just remember its all in the head. That’s always worked for me on experiences that are much more frightening than dreams, yet very similar hah

You can do it! Wooooo I believe in yooooouuuu!!

Aha seriously though:

Don’t worry, I have those same fears, only replace three-headed pigeon with alien abduction. Uh, I hope that thought didn’t induce another fear for you :neutral:

Anyway, just remember there’s nothing to fear in lucid dreams. Sure, sometimes you might end up lucid in a nightmare and freak out. If the only thing you can think of doing is to get out of there, then do whatever you need to to get out: run, fly, summon your own beast to take care of it. But the key is that the more you lucid dream the more control you have and the more confidence you have when dealing with unusual boogey monsters. Things will only happen if you expect them to.

I’m not really scared of it because I know it’s not going to last forever. And even IF something scares the shit out of you, you’re not gonna die of it, and I highly doubt it will leave any permanent damage.
(I’m not sure this is helpful, but I think that when it comes to LDing it’s important to read as many views on whatever you’re researching as possible, as sooner or later you’ll find one pattern of cognition which fits your brain)

I’m more scared of some of my NDs, which aren’t exactly nightmares but I still getting freaking goosebumps when I think about those… :nuu:

:rofl: :rofl: 3-headed pigeons ?! :rofl:

I’m in there with you with the so-called LN’s. There’s always one thing you can do in that case: fight. Whatever it is that is scaring the hell out of you, take a sword out and chop it off.

There’s also the other option… flight, but not literally as this would trigger your fear sensation even more. Just close your eyes let yourself fall on your back and think of the most beautiful moment of your life (most people find love to be the feeling to induce happiness the most) and expect to wake up right there in that moment and re-live it.

Inducing the state of happiness via sending a mental message to the SC should work the best… ah I have to make a thread on this.

Anywho, I wish you the best of luck,
Don :slight_smile:

Lucid Dreaming has nothing to do with spiritual stuff. You can overcome with the fear if SP by just thinking to yourself that it’s just your imagination, it can’t hurt you. Good luck with Lucid Dreaming!