I'm back, any tips?

I had a very stressful period in my life which caused me to not have much time for lucid dreaming, but that is now over and I want to get back into Lucid Dreaming again.

However, what should be the best way to start it up again? I often try to write down my dreams again but I often have no motivation for that, or I want to fall asleep again if I have a day off, instead of get my book and pencil, write the dream down, and try to sleep again, but to no avail because my mind is too ‘awake’ already.

What about WBTB?

Edit: I think I’m more motivated to write down dreams if I did it on my dream journal here on this site, but would anyone be willing to actively read it every now and then? :content:

Hello and welcome back! I think it’s a good idea to start writing your dreams down again. Keeping a dream journal on the forums is a great idea. I’m going to read it for sure. DJ, WBTB and increasing your awareness/ questioning the realness of your surroundings is a good start.

Awesome! It’s much more motivational to write them down if I know there’s someone actually reading them. I appreciate it :smile:

Increasing my awareness and\or questioning the realness of my surroundings is best done by using RC’s right? My way of doing it was to do the famous breath-though-nose RC, while also thinking “So what was I doing an hour ago, and what was I doing 5 minutes ago”. If I know both, I know I’m awake, but in a dream you often don’t know how you got somewhere.

Yes, I use the same RCs. Those are good :smile:

I just posted a new dream (link to my DJ in my signature).
Unfortunately it wasn’t anything too special so hopefully I’ll get a more exciting dream tomorrow!

What I did notice however, is that I haven’t remember any dreams for a while, until today. I’m sure that is because I had a lot of attention for it yesterday and finally gave dreams a thought again, while in the last few months I was (unwillingly) kind of ignoring it.

Well, your recall from last night is somewhat better than mine, I only recall fragments of piloting a jet fighter, rowing on a rowboat, being in the army again and having sex. I hate that those are only fragments…they were probably fun dreams.

I hate it too when I only recall fragments of dreams that were probably very exciting, but sometimes it just happens and you just have to accept it :sad:

Hey there,

funny thing, same problem here. Haven’t tried LDing for over a year now. And I am so not motivated to write down my dreams :wink: I guess I’ll just have to force myself…maan i miss being lucid. It’s interesting that last year, I’ve had only one near-lucid experience, while when I actively tried to get lucid, it happened about 3-4 times a month…just another proof that the hints here actually work… thanks LD4all :smile:

Good dreams to everyone :tongue:

The hints most definitely work, you just have to accept that most of them take time :smile:

I had two dreams tonight, but the first one I have a few questions about (hence the green text in the entry page) Can someone have a look at it for me? Thanks :smile:

I rarely have to deal with nightmares anymore. And when I have nightmares, I usually still enjoy the fact that I can recall it vividly. The last time when I experienced fear in a dream so that I managed to control it was when I was under a train. I told myself to calm down or I’ll wake up. I also told myself that the train can’t hurt me. So awareness in dreams is one way to deal with fear. I think you’re a slave to your schemata if you are not at least a bit lucid.

Stay consistent. :3

Read a lot about LDing… Ignore anything about SP. Go for the things that have a high success rate for beginners… Sleep 8 hours a night… At least write the tags down for your dreams (preferably the whole DJ, but meh, takes a lot of time, with 5+ dreams a night I can’t write that much)… If you don’t have the motivation to do the things that are required to LD, then you won’t LD. If you truly want something, it doesn’t feel like work to prepare for it. In order to keep up motivation, it is good to stay with like minded people. Make friends here or elsewhere that LD. If you can find people around you, do it, but most people will reject it, and it is hard to deal with. First try and find people that are already fond of dreaming. You can never have enough dreams. Whoever you follow and listen to on these sites, you will end up in the same boat as (dont listen to people that know “about” lucid dreaming, but people that lucid dream). Be inspired easily, dont just follow one person idea of shaping the dream world. The reason the DW is awesome is because it is perfect for you. :smile: you forget everything that you dont take the time to remember. Take what is useful, drop what is useless, and adapt what is uniquely your own (my words version of it, forgot word for word on the quote. :razz:)

A few one liners for you^^ things I listen to and try to do. The top one is really most important (consistency) the rest are in random order.