Im mad....

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Im mad my brother hes had like 3 lucid dreams and he says they just happen he doenst fully concentrate on having them … hmmmmm … :eh:

Very much agreed, I seem to be in the same situation. Just think to yourself “If he can do it, surely I can!”

Most of my lucid dreams happen when I’m not thinking about them.

as ive said before and as is stated in the guide, the worst thing you can do for yourself is get frustrated about LD’s. dont take it for granted.

don’t be mad your not getting lucid dreams, be happy that you can.


alright thanks


being mad doesn’t help you lucid dream unless you are really really really really mad!

my brother’s always mad.
that’s probly how he had his cause he poked me in the eye in it.


It’s just unfortunate that for some it comes naturally and others it doesn’t.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could…but then I guess, it wouldn’t be as desirable…

Patience patience patience.

Yeah, only one of my 5 LDs occurred intentionally.

yeah hey, all my LD’s [hahaha like all 3 of them] came un-intentionaly. but then again, that was before i actually knew what LD’ing was… just keep trying! if this is something you REALLY want and desire, you might dream about having a LD and then…you know…have one. haha okay im kidding now but you catch my drift dont you? :tongue:


I hate it when my friend does that. :grrr:
The thing is, I got her onto lucid dreaming, and now she’s better than me. She gets all “ooh, look at me, I can have a lucid dream without even trying.”

Wow ^^^ really? That’s pretty messed up! So now she’s ‘better’ than you? She couldn’t possible be THAT good…right? I meen, well you know. :tongue: Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get them soon enough. I know exactly how you feel. :bored: Maybe we could talk some time! :wiske: PM me :biggrin:.

hey, how much attention to pay to your other dreams? the idea of lucid dreaming should excite you, but, IMO, the normal dreams should too. maybe you can spend more time with them and your creative imagination, create meanings and play around, be open to insights… and watch increased lucidity come with time.

Agreed! I know it sucks not to have LD’s, but try to give your ND’s attention too! The more attention you give them, the better you’ll remember them. They can be really fun, trust me. :tongue:

^ Yah, I’m not a huge LDer either but I have a lot of fun with my NDs and the experience of disecting them and remembering the raw ridiculousness of them is rewarding in a different way than LDs can be.