I'm New, and I think I almosted LD'd my first try :)

Hello everybody. Some girl named LUCID from another forum had a link to this sit in her sig and I like it. Last night was my first time going to bed thinking about lucid dreaming. I had two different dreams in the night and one of them I remember thinking to myself that I think I’m dreaming. So I started to walking around, and it seemed like everything got clearer as I realized I was dreaming and I remembered one of the tests. So I tried to stick my finger through my hand and it didn’t work so I thought I must not be dreaming. :eh: I also tried to levitate but that didn’t work either. I guess I was just dreaming about making conscious decisions in my dreams. :eek:

Has this happened to anybody? I should be hanging around.

It sounds like you at least had a lucid moment there. I think the problem is that you trusted the reality checks. Levitating and hand reality check will only work if you are convinced it will. I personally find the reading reality check and hold your nose one more reliable. But either way, never trust them completely.

Thanks, I’ll remember the book one next time.

Do you, or anybody else, know if having a stronger mind makes it much easier to Lucid Dream? Honestly, I’m pretty cocky in that regard, I’m just wondering. Cause I expected this to take weeks for me to get the hang of and the first night I felt like I took control of my dream for a short time.

I tried to Astral Project but I was too lazy to practice for months upon months. :happy: So this is the next best thing.

LDs don’t always take weeks, you can have them in a very shorter time sometimes. It took me just 1 day to have my first one, but it usualy takes more to succed in having LDs that actualy feel like RL (took me about one week):stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, good luck on your LDs and do many different RCs… :ding: