imagination or dream?

hi every one, last night something really strange happened, all right here is what happened:

i was laying on my side and I was daydreaming. at some point the daydreams got more and more vivid, then suddenly i saw what i imagined :confused: after some seconds my body felt like it was shaking? or vibrating roughly and i stood up terrified and couldnt sleep for an half hour.

my question is how could i see what i imagined and why my body felt like shaking :help: [/b][/i]

oh very easy my friend that is what we call sleep paralysis, a protective mechanism your body employs every night to make sure you do not act out your dreams while sleeping, because for the brain dreams are as real as waking life, and it sends signals to the body’s muscles, but sleep paralysis stops this signals. That you just described is precisely what sleep paralysis usually feels like. Worry not, it is harmless, as it happens every night, it’s just were asleep so we don’t notice.

in fact, you are very lucky :smile: if you can do that. if you hadn’t jumped, you would have ended up right in a lucid dream! next time just go with the flow :wink:

sorry guys it wasn’t SP, thats because i was able to move. did i mention that the vibrations started when i took action in the daydream/dream. the vibrations were very uncomfortable unlike the two rushes of vibrations i had in my first WILD, thanks for the answers!

in fact i was going with the flow, and i didnt move, but for some reason my mouth opened itself :eek: after my mouth was open the vibrations ended.

i recently tried to astral project and i hoped that i was getting some kind of spontaneous projection :sad:

Sounds like the start of a WILD to me.

really?, i thought that WILD starts with hypnagogia or somekind of waves that start from the feet and paralize you. all right thanks for the reply!

actually, opening your mouth is an ‘exit technique’ and can be used to go straight to a dream. you must’ve done it on accident :happy: funny.

maybe it worked cause you weren’t thinking about it. later when you did, it stopped working… it’s always that way isn’t it :cry:

exit technique, i didnt know that :woo:

thanks for reply!

It starts with blackness, as you see if you close your eyes right now. Images then start to form and eventually become a dream. The “daydream got more vivid” is probably does images heading towards the dreamstate.
I don’t experience any particular feeling like paralyzing when i WILD. It’s like falling asleep as normal but your mind is awake and you observe the images.
That’s for me at least. I don’t find WILD to be as powerful as many describe it. It’s certainly individual.

oh the open mouth! I really like that feeling because I know then that my body is fully relaxing. SP can also start with your jaws and then spread to the rest of your body. Really go with it! :happy:

and it is indeed very individual and it also depends on how you are feeling and whattime of day it is… that’s with me at least. there are many ways!

i never ever got full SP. but it once started from my mouth. it was so freaky :happy: like… like i was missing half of my face or my lip :happy: damn so crazy

haha! you liked it? :happy: sometimes I start to feel a lot of saliva in my mouth too and I’m afraid it will drip out but when I want to swallow it, it seems it’s not even there… it’s so weird! (and a little bit gross lol) …have-to-resist-swallowing…

well if i move, i lose SP. it’s very hard for me and SP to be friends xD i haven’t been successful at WILD…

Leonie, you don’t have to resist swallowing. If you need to swallow, do it. Let your body naturally fall asleep. It’s your mind that needs to stay aware, not the body. :content:

I’m not sure cause when I swallow I feel SP flowing away a little and I have to wait a while before it’s there again.

I’m not so succesfull with WILDing in the evening either… When I start to have HI and there is sort of a high point wave I get very very aware and then the HI start again and so on and after a while I… give up and fall asleep
last night I was trying to WILD, started at 00.30 and when I looked at the clock again at was 3.00 and had no idea where the time went :eek:

Yeah, that is exactly why you don’t WILD when you first fall asleep. It’s nearly impossible then. 5 hours after falling asleep is somewhere near the best time to wake up then attempt WILD. :wink:

i haven’t succeeded at either of the times -.-

It’s one of those techniques that requires a lot of practice and sometimes time. It’s not one you’re going to get right away unless you’re lucky and have a strong affinity for it.

haha I had a few attempts to wake up after 5 hours but my body didn’t feel like it :tongue: