So I just had an idea. If we want to induce lucid dreams by dreams themselves we must look for dreamsigns. But, what if made the dreamsigns? What if during the day we tried to change enviroment and current events all the time (imagine doing it like you’re in a dream). With time it would appear in a dream and it would be a dream sign and a reality check at the same time. Doesn’t it seem a fun concept? Do you think this would ever work?

I’ll try it, and in a week or two I’ll post a guide if it works.

I don’t think this will work. If you don’t believe its a dream, you won’t have that kind of control… so I would say you need to become lucid first.

Actually, in all dream you have unlimited control, no mather they are lucid or not. I have a great number of recalled non-lucid dreams in which I had control, it is all about what you expect, because in dreams, its only you, noone else. It is just that you don’t know you’re dreaming, so your mind expects other things that are similar to real life (that is why you rarely fly in LD’s). Two days ago I dreamed that I was on drugs, and I had hallucinations. So I thought of trying to change hallucinations from bad to good. I flied. But I didn’t realize I was dreaming, I just had the control because I expected different things.

So my concept is to expect a surreal environment which will make you think you are dreaming (only when you actually are). So lets say your in a classroom. You look out the window and imagine what it would be like if a dragon comes to the window. If you see it, you immediately know you are dreaming.

This works just like any other RC, that’s why RC’s always show that you are dreaming, because you expect them to show it. But its way more fun to do this then RC’s I think.

I just did it in a dream (WBTB). It worked. But it was a lucid dream already, so it was just a boost to lucidity.

I like your idea, if i get it right, we should imagine something in our mind and try to create it in RL, only as the practice and then do it in our dreams… So when we get used to it, to imagine things then we should do it in dreams and actually succeed, just like your example with a dragoon! Once again I like your idea, and just like you said it is just like a RC, because if we see a dragoon it must be a dream, just like if we see 8 fingers on our hand!

I’ll definitely try this! Peace!

Thanks. Give feedback wheather you succed or not please. And remember to imagine only surreal things that can’t happen in real life by any means. Also, it would be good to imagine something while doing something. Lets say your opening a door. You imagine a lion on the other side of the door. You describe the lion in your head by details (this won’t work for people that are living in Africa :happy: ), and then you open the door. It should be there if your dreaming.

I get u perfectly right here,

1.We imagine something in RL (preferrably something unreal)
2.We will be expecting to see that in the dream wherever we imagined it
3. When we realize that we were imagining it before, and it can’t be possible, most guys will do an RC immediately or some would realize they are dreaming right here without any RC s

Will try this often, thanks!

Very cool idea i think getting yourself in a habit of trying to change you enviroment would be a great way to induce a LD.