Immediate Awakening

Has anyone else ever noticed that when you wake up from a lucid dream, there is no groggyness or general feeling like you were sleeping? Several times, I have woken my from lucid dreams simply by accidentally closing my eyes and then opening them again, only to have them open at the same time in real life and find myself staring at my wall instead of at my dream. How can one prevent this from happening?

close your eyes one at a time.

Take your eyelids off, and put them in your pocket for later.

Ok, I’m joking… but seriously, I guess that’s not too ridiculous in a dream, is it? Perhaps you should give it a shot.

Seriously though, much of it is because you expect to wake up. If it happens often. I used to try to not close my eyes to much. But nowadays I don’t worry about it. I might refrain from keeping my eyes closed though.

I dont have much experience yet,but i suppose,with time your lucid dreams will get better and longer.Its a matter of practice.After it feels normal and ur confident.

i believe the reason why you are so energized when you wake up is because you were excited/happy about having lucid dreams. since you had a lucid dream, technically your mind was already awake.

Not really. It is as they’ve said your mind. You are simply expecting yourself to wake up, and it’s not easy not to. Even if you tell yourself that “I am not gonna wake up” a small part of you still says “Yeah right, you’re gonna fail”. All you can do is to practice until you are truly confident.

I seem to wake up after my LD’s.
don’t blink in a dream, it isn’'t neccissary

You might be more likely to wake up like jenthezen said because your mind is much more awake during LDs than during ND’s so it, in a way, is on the brink of waking up. I’ve also noticed that after having an LD at night I am less rested than if I just slept regularly, probably for the same reason.

strange i am the opp, i find that after a ld or 2 that night i am much more rested and feel better for it then if i just had a few nd.

guess everyone is different.

I know what you mean about not feeling groggy, but then again, most of the time when i wake up from a normal dream i dont feel groggy either but, but when you wake up from delta, you will feel like you have been hit by a bus.