important, strange, maybe personal question.

I dont know for a fact about if what im fixing to say is true, but I am suspisous. Lets say I had cancer(possibly skin). Now is there anything wrong with a person not seeking medical treatment, and just excepting the fact that my number is allmost up? Why do I have to run to the doctor? I dont see anything wrong with excepting fate. Ive been practcing Tabetan dream yoga, for awhile so I feel Im prepaired. I feel like Im ready for death, and its not death, or dying thats my problem. I dont know if I should be coming here with this question, but I just need some advice. Im not ready to tell my loved ones of my suspisions, and to be honest with you Im not a doctor person at all, so the chances of me seeking treatment is pretty much out of the question. Sorry if this is to personal, but sometimes its the best way to get started with talking about a problem to family memmbers. I just hope to god it isnt cancer. There is still that possiblety. Once againe sorry for coming to you with such a heavy dilema.

Well, I’d like to say it depends. It depends on your age, and also what you’ve accomplished. If you want to accomplish something with your life; achive your dream, go get the treatment and live your life.

My recomendation; Live throughout life and get treatment. Just because you might have cancer is no reason to not live.

Allso keep in my mind it might just be in my head, but I have had a red mark on my nose for the past year, and some, and I think another one has apeared. Ive allso been having some other health problems. Im still confused on this matter. I dont know man. Maybie it was to soon to post this. Maybie its just all in my head. This is depressing.

Thanks shatter. Its not really depressing, and I do feel Ive accomplished alot in my life. Other people may not think so, but I feel I have lived a pretty full life.

I’ve the strong feeling you’re not clear with yourself. You’re worrying or else you wouldn’t have written this post. Morevover, skin cancers are generally not dangerous if diagnosed early thus it’s stupid to wait. The only reasonable solution is going to a dermatologist.

This is a hard topic. Maybie I should get insurance, and go to a dermatologist. It would be shelfish of me to put my wife, and family in a predicment like that. Hopefully my lazzy ass havsnt waited to long.

Maybie there is hope, but on a side note. Kind of off topic… Do you know what makes death, and dying so hard? Its the way we are set up. It relation ships, that we attach ourselves to. What would be wrong with life being more like this… Two casual friends nothing more (no husband, and wife crap) have sex. They give birth to, then you are raised not just by them, but by the neighborhood, or a village. Then you are sent off into the world making only casual friends, and aquantaces. You never get emotionaly attached to anyone. Definatly have a dog, mans best friend. Live life like you want, LD, AP prepair for your death. No marriage. As life goes on people adapt to having fewer, and fewer children, if you do. You dont get emotional attached to them. If thats is possibale, because the kids wouldnt really be yours. They would be there own people raised by other people. Then you wouldnt really have to feel the pain of loosing loved ones, and when your number was up. You can say you lived a kick ass life. Lay down in your death bed. Read a few chapters from a “Book of the dead”, and off you go, into the great beyond. No tears, everyone would be happy, and free from emotional attachments that make dying today such a difficult chore.

Now does that realy seem bad, or cold. I dont think so. I would love to live like that. We live in a world today where we allow ourselves to be hurt by death. When really its no diffrent then living, being born, going to sleep, and dreaming. Why do humans want to hurt. I know Im caught in a web where I will feel tramidous pain if I loose my wife, and I will fee, sad when I die, because of the loved ones Im leaving behind. What is wrong with emotional detachment. Its alot like unlearning, ignorance being bliss. Does that sound wrong… Why do humans want pain??? Ok, I didnt mean that like we would be living in a cold heartless world, of corse there would be tears, but more like when you loose a pet. Im not saying we would all be emotionals robots. Just live more peacfull with no fear, or pain of death.

Lets just ignore the whole cancer think, I dont think I have it, and im not dying. I think its just death ingeneral that is bothering me tonight. I just dont understand where the rules say that we have to be attached, and get married. We know sooner, or latter we are going to check out, so why do we have to make it such a painfull process. Is there something written in stone.

You’re not dying. That’s good. Death is inevitable, but there is no reason to fear it. I remember an old philosophical argument about this very topic by Lucretius. Also, why be so preoccupied about death? Why not concentrate on life? As long as we are in the “here and now”, we are existing. After we die and no longer exist, we aren’t around to be affected by it. You and death can never coexist.

GET IT CHECKED OUT… thats my personal oppion.

After you know if it is or isnt cancer then you can make your dicision, its better to know then to have it haunting you in the back of your mind.

ok my opinion if there is any suspicion about a possible health problem it is always wise to check it out. it could be nothing and so put your mind at rest or something completely treatable.

As for the relationship attachments comment. People are free now to live their life without making emotional attachments but they choose to do so. Isn’t a lifetime of fullfilling relationships worth just a little heartbreak?


Check it out so that you actually make your decision :smile:

Well first things first, I feel in the obligation of telling you to find a doctor and get this fixed. :smile:

Now, hypothetically, lets ask ourselves what the hell are you doing if you choose otherwise. How do you feel about the people you know? About the things you’ve accomplished? Is it worth dying now? I mean, sure, you might say “if I died right now, I would be in peace with myself,” but does that equal to “alright, I give up my life, there’s nothing else to live?”

I think it’s a very personal decision, one no–one in this forum can assist you about by speaking in general terms. Skin cancer usually means more pain and suffering than quick death, I should warn you. Moreover, I like you. :smile: I like you being around. I would be very sad to know you decided to die and that’s how come you haven’t been around anymore.

Perhaps I’m being biased, but really, I think you should find a doctor. What if you decide to die, and in the last moment you realize there was so much to do and that you’ve wasted it, and then you die, which obviously means there’s no turning back now? Life is full of moments in which we have to take irreversible decisions. Don’t try to gather one more to deal with in the long term. :smile:

Thanks guys, I dont what my problem is. Ive been obsessed with death, and dying to the point of making it a hobby. Using Tibetan dream yoga, and what not. It seem the Egyptians based there whole world around the land of the dead. I mean they spent there whole lives, building pryamids. Maybie, Im just going through a faze of trying to overcome my fears of death by saying I am dying. I admire people like Timothy Leary, and Huxly. These people looked at death as a altared state of consiousness to explore. They didnt fear it they looked forward to it. I have noticed something about life. It seems every moment in life comes to a emotional peak. Even right now a moment in life is peaking, but we dont realize it because we are in the “now”. Every moment in life is peaking with overwhelming emotions. Have you ever walked into a old house you havnt been in for a long time, and smelled the odors of the house. You get a rush of emotion, and memorys. I can walk into a house I havnt been in for a year, and be brought back to that time. I think when we die all the smells, and sounds are stored in us, and as we are going back through our lives( life flashing before our eyes) We will hear music from that time, and smell the smells of that time, and it will be a very intence “high”. Imagine hearing music you havnt heard in years, and at the same time smelling a smell you havnt smelled in years. That would be so emotional, and wonderfull, it would definatly make your heart melt. It would be the greatest expirance ever. As you revisit the moments in your life that have peaked to there ultimant zenith. I think this is gods plan for us in life, to expirance his love in this way. It would feel like unconditional love. Gods plane is to basicaly get us high with a drug that can only be expiranced at the time of death. Thats why there is no need to fear death. Its like the movie “American beauty” Where he is describing going through his life, and it being so beautyfull his heart allmost explodes. Thanks againe for your comments. I think Ill will be O.K.

I usually have instances of panic like this. One time, I got a tiny cut on my finger at the gym, and I was getting really excited because I kept thinking, “What if I got AIDs?” And I went about worrying about it for 2 days, even when I knew I was being stupid. I also thought for the longest period of time that I had aspberger’s syndrome. I’m one of those persons that self-diagnosis everything.

I wouldn’t really worry about it, but if it still bothers you, just go to a doctor. I’m sure it’s just a pimple or something. I had one of those on my nose for the longest period of time, hehehe.

And Bruno, good point. That is a mjor reason why I will never commit suicide: because what if I regret it JUST before I smack into the ground? How could I live with myself (no pun intended) in the afterlife if I knew that I hadn’t made the best of it in this lifetime? What if there is no afterlife, and I had just wasted my only chance at existence? That wouldn’t be cool.

Yes it sucks to think about it. If there isn’t an afterlife… what about those people that commited suicide, Is there no more life for them? Most of them left because of the hate in this world… They got so deep in emotion they couldn’t control themselves… hoping for a new life they …just left. I hate to think about considering I know 2 people who have committed suicide on of which I was very close to.

anyway… I guess thats kinda off the topic of what your talking about.

I don’t think you should worry about it at all… get some face wash maybe… lol…


Well, close to 40 years ago when I was a philosophy student in college, an upperclassman who was a friend of mine told me that death would be exactly like the same thing as before we were born.

Now, how bad was it before you were born?

Well, the problem with thinking too much about suicide is that one finds in the process that it becomes less and less abhorrent. It is no wonder that so many of the very thoughtful European Existentialists committed suicide… because after a while they no longer had any compelling reason not to. Of course the American Existentialists survived on, but they never claimed to be anywhere as bright.

“Nothing in this life is sure but death and taxes”

It’s all about accomplishments, and what your personal need for accomplishment is. You mentioned you were pleased with your life. If you’re happy with the accomplishments you’ve made and if you have done all you could possibly want to do, you’re not living any more. Not really. You’ve finished, and purely because thats what you want.

So if you’ve finished your life, the rest is all just haggling about when you actually die.