In dark places, when you cant turn a light on

i don’t know about you guys, but i tend to have lucid dreams of a dark nature, just about every lucid dream i had, i tend to show up in dark shadowy locations, and to be honest it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, and to top it off, the experts in the field of lucid dreaming try and brain wash you into believing that you can not active a light in a lucid dream or alter-light levels, maybe its true but i don’t know, i once stared at a light a few years ago in a dark room while lucid, and i made it flicker, if i tried now, since i grown more powerful while in the dreamtime, i may be able to turn a light on by will, i have to try and see if it will work, ill write another post one day of my attempt, but anyway, meanwhile i have developed
a technique that can alter light levels without the power of willpower, or a bloody light switch : ), but this technique is for true dreamers only, people who can manipulate there energies while lucid and once i tell you this technique, you will know who you are, and you will know who i am.
OK say your lucid in a dark location and your scared to death, look first where you are, if you are like me, i like to find some place safe when in dark locations, OK say you find your way to a house which you want to stay in for the remainder of the experience, you might have to go in and squat:) anyways:). forget about the switch, i do not think that way will work, but ill try one day but for now, forget the switch, Go for the Light Bulb, take it out of wherever it is, hold it in your hand, channel your light into the bulb, your spiritual light, put the Bulb back in the lamp, wall wherever you got it from, pesto you now have light in that room!!! haha this works trust me!!!

a month or two after createing this tec, i came across a movie called , night watchers, some dude in the movie used my tec!!!

Actually, nearly all of my LD’s start with me opening dream eyes in my bed. My room is always filled with an inky blackness that light has a hard time penetrating. If a light happens to be on, (I’ve never tried turning them on, as in dreams, I can see in the dark) a little light will shine through parts of the darkness, but it’s almost like the blackness is trying to engulf everything as it completely surrounds the light, (unlike a real light, which spreads out everywhere).

I think the cause, (in my case anyway) is that most of my LD’s are extremely low level.

It seems like it’s harder than flipping the switch. Lightswitches do work in dreams, not always very well, but they work. We know it’s not becuase of the lightswitch, and we know it’s not because of transferred energy from our hands in the dream. I mean, they don’t exist do they? The final and most efficiant way, if we can do it, is to just increase the light level telepathically.

people may know a little about the other state, but they know very little, they make guesses to what dreams are, look around at the so called experts all having a different view on things, because they disagree with eachother, but still believe 100% in what they believe, its an never ending story of some sort, if people actually worked together in the field of dreams truth may come, you use the word WE, we this and we that, what the hell do we really know? like the experts we create our own view points on such things, nobody knows nonthing really, were still young explorers of the dream realm my friend, by the way your reply didnt really make much sense, sorry

I didn’t know one couldn’t turn a light on while lucid dreaming…
In ND when I find myself completely surrounded by pitch darkness I usually cause a beam of light to shine directly above of me and I guide myself with that… but even though I create the light I’m not really lucid so… I don’t know.

Alot of my dreams in general are in dark, except for the very rare ones which tend to be more boring. It’s not because there low lucidity, i think its just the way i set up my dreams :content:

I once did a test about this. Because i have really, really strong dream powers, i attempted to remove the fact that turning on a light is the only way to get light. So what did i do? i yelled “Light!” and telepathically flooded the room with light coming from nowhere. So it is possible to alter light levels, although i found it more difficult than most powers i use

i can confirm that :cool: in a dream this morning, i had to go into a dark cave, and made light with shouting and singing. It made a ball of light shine in my hand and lit up the cave!

Ok acilis, you’re right. We don’t know. I guess I was wrong to preach about the nature of dreams. It is still what I belive though, that dreams are hallucinations. I do not wish to change your beliefs. Still, my experience tells me that my solution is perfectly possible. And it is what I wanted to share.

we are all ways learning my friend, but views may differ, but we are still learning:)