Inception - The Lucid dreaming iPod app!

I can’t get a link because I found it on itunes, but there is now an app called “Inception - The App” That’s apparently like a game, and you unlock soundtracks and such, some which induce lucid dreams.

I found it looking through the app store in excitement as I just bought an iPod touch of ebay, so this will defiantly be the first app I download!

Anyone care to try it, its FREE! :happy:

hehe lol, nice! can you keep me informed?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah no problem, as soon as I get my iPod i’ll download it and check it out :razz: Lets hope it helps me lucid dream cus’ I find it hard!

Hey nice, saw it too, a very obvious point is:
You need a headset/microphone I think… which I don`t have

My brother has this app on his iphone. Basically what it did was distort incoming sounds from the world around you and plays it through your headphones. To be honest most of the settings sound really cool! :dragon:

I did download it, but withoug a headset with built-in microphone, it is 100% useless. I’ll try to get a mike for my iPod asap.

Yeah me and all…
After getting my 3g i decided i’m selling it and buying a 4g :razz:
So it has a built in mic, as soon as i get one, i’ll report back :happy: