Increased perception?

Does your perception of your senses increase when you have a lucid dream? Like for example a psychedelic trip.

I can’t speak from experience but I can say this. From a technical point of view it’s the opposite. What happens under the influence of psychedelics is that the system in the brain that filters sensory input is ‘shut down’. But when you are dreaming you are in a state of sensory deprevation. It’s not that the senses are shut off, but you are not conscious of the input. The filtration system is active.

But I’m sure you are talking about the experience, and dream senses. In my experience, the senses are pretty much normal, perhaps a little more clear at times. I’ve read some accounts of people who experienced expanded senses, but I haven’t experienced it.

For me, It varies from dream to dream, but normally my senses are overall better than IRL.

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like a psychedelic trip (from what I’ve heard of them), but I will tell you my eyesight is usually very sharp and clear (better than 20/20), when there are smells or tastes they are often stronger. Touching and hearing though is usually about the same. (Unless it’s something special, or I specifically use a power (like supersonic hearing))

It might seem better but then again, ITS NOT real so no, they arent better.