Increasing Dream Vividity

I was wondering…

Some people experience intense, realistic, and very vivid dreams, right? Even if it isn’t an LD, their NDs still seem realistic. Some people experience these more than others too…

My dreams have never been too vivid. They’ve always been on the dull side when it comes to realism. And I must say, I’m a bit jealous with the people who dream vivid dreams. I really want to experience a dream that’s as intense as some people have.

So, I was wondering… is there any way to increase dream vividity. Not just lucid dreams, but more particularly, the vividity of normal dreams.

You said you have a recall problem too though, right? Maybe if your recall goes up, you’ll remember more details. You can try the special tricks and stuff that they always suggest, like the dairy at night. My dreams have been really vivid the past week or so since I started eating cheese and yogurt before bed. The nights that I eat it too early or not at all make me have horrible recall, or at least not as good.

Dunno if it’ll help or not, but I figured I’d throw my two cents in. Anybody else got good ideas?

This might just be me, but lately ive been listening to music while ive been going to sleep, and ive just drifted off while the music has been playing. Since ive started this i have been getting more vivid dreams. As i said it might jsut be me, but i like it. :tongue:
Also, if you keep a dream diary, as Wolf said, that should help. And also also if you find a way to relax yourself more, i think thats supposed to help… it does for me
And also also also, ive heard stuff about cheese and yogurt Wolf, does it really work???

Try autosuggestion or selfhypnosis in the same way as for LD induction, but now to enhance your overall dream quality. Since they are quite powerful techniques, they will probably have a good effect. If you practice with all your attention :smile:
You can also use vitamin b6 tablets. A few years ago they gave me the most vivid dreams of my life.

That’s what others told me. Its hard to improve recall right now though since my sleeping pattern doesn’t help at all… I often find myself sleeping only an avergae of 2-3 hours and they say that it could wreak havoc in dream recall. Even with me trying to keep a dream diary, I still have little progress.

I guess I could try that.

Hmm… Maybe. I’m not usually relaxed, I think…

Autosugesstion also works that way too? I never knew that. I think I could try that too. Hopefully I can do it wholeheartedly.

They’re not prescription drugs right? So I can just buy them in a local drugstore?

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Sure. Autosuggestion isn’t confined to LDing :smile: It can also be used to boost up self confidence in waking life for instance.

Yes you can just buy them without presciption. But don’t use more than 150 or so mg/day, because an overdose could damage your nerves.

Water. Lots of water.

Helps my vividness, but not my recall.

Water increases dream vividness?? Wow never heard of that before… where did you come up with this?

Probably: Drinking lots of water, full blader (sp?), lighter sleep, better dream recall + vividness :razz:

Lol that might explain an increase in dream recall, but still not the increased vividness. Nice try though :wink:

I really need to work on my dream vividness, and dream recall. I’ve been trying different things and recording my dreams. I hope eventually I’ll come across something.

Ive been taking shots of hot sauce

When I get lucid, I immediately just calm down and think about what goes on. I focus on the things around me in a way that is really (!!) hard to explain, but it kind of feels like i’m “tuning in” my eyes for a set of enviroment they’re not used to. My surroundings then gradually, but farily swiftly turn crystal clear just like they are around me now. I take some time to recognize everything that is going on and just let my head get used to the fact that I’m dreaming. Sort of meditating in the dream (Repeating “i’m dreaming” over and over obviously works). This really helps in adding a greater sense of vividness to the dream, as well as recall, control and duration of the LD.

Wow, I can kind of see how that would work to. You become really aware when you pay high attention and focus. The week I’ve been expirimenting on stuff that could help my dreams. And two nights ago I put a slab/slice of orange agate under my pillow. And the past two nights I have had long, vivid dreams and woke up in the morning with good reacll. I wonder if it really is the stone or something else, can stones really effect your dreams? I beleive they might. I’ll just have to work at doing a RC in my dream. :smile:

So how’s that working out for ya? :tongue:

Oh the agate…it’s great. The only problem is, my dreamscape is usually a mall or the school I got to. But it’s not always just that. Last night I put in amethyst and crystal quarts under my pillow and I had a dream under-water, and a big turtle was swiming to me so I swam ashore.