incredibly clear tremendously long lucidity

i am not sure which of these actions caused me to have the most clear and deeply long, totally lucid as more lucid than i am here right now writing knowing i exist and am free to do what i can imagine ,

but :

i had some soy protein before bed, that could be it ,
i also, while lying in bed took at least 25 breaths through my left nose, by closing off the right nostril , pushing it closed lightly with the fingers of the right hand …

the left nostril is sacred in those paths of life which focus on meditation as being a lunar energy which is incredibly calm, and if imbalanced causes depression and sleepiness, etc, but before bed it is done in tibetan dream yoga to breath through the left nose to be serene , and done before they meditate

it ties into the right brain , which is responsible for dreaming, etc, these are all theories but in practice they absolutely work for all who practice them with regularity , no matter the ideas we use to explain why , its all good in my "book "

so ,

basically i chose to wake up from this incredibly long dream because it was far too deep and i felt i would be there for ever and not even come back to this body if i didn’t ( its really not hard to wake up just focus on the intent of waking up and be quite patient, and calm )

the protein might be good for the brain, so this could be why, also .

feel free to try this , i like to breathe alternate nostril breathing in the morning so that i am not sleepy ( in left out right, in right out left, repeat ) , and don’t really recommend imbalancing the breath thru one or the other nostril exclusively but, before bed time left nose breathing seems very useful to me and can really calm you out , sometimes it works incredibly powerfully and sometimes only slightly ,

i did it by inhale + exhale x 5 ,
then at the top of the fifth inhalation i held my breath a second or two, then exhaled thru the right nose .

the tibetan dream yoga book that is popular here, "the tibetan yogas of dream and sleep " have 2 ways to clear and activate the lunar side

one is by doing 5 complete left nostril breaths

the second is do in through the left, out through the right, times five, both are good , and both are practiced that way in the book, i do not recall the order, i think they did in left out right x 5 then in left , out left, x 5 , then went to sleep .

i have to add i did not try to get lucid, this dream came and i found myself sitting on my bed, wondering about if i was dreaming, and it was very long , and totally clear, with perfect recall.

I shall try. :smile: Iv’e read abit about this. Might aswell put it to practice. :content:

Interesting, I’ve never heard of the left nostril breathing. I’ll give it a shot, seeing as I don’t have any protein soy stuff around here.

THANKS for sharing this! I remember doing some yoga and doing some rhythmic breathing having to do with alternating between nostrils…

Well I will try this and I also just got some vegan protein mix, so I will have some of that too before bed.


Were you very tired before bed?

Thanks a lot for the reminder :content: I’ll have to try that one of these days. Congrats for the experience! :happy:

Thanks a lot.

But keep this in mind guys! That this is alternate nostril breathing, not left nostril breathing. Breathing trough your left nostril only is known for causing asthma.
[research “Nadi Sodhana”]

this is new to my knowledge…
thanks for sharing… :smile:

also, did this happen one time?? or is it daily issue with you??
what was the dream like…anything particular to the dream that helped to prolong it??

sorry for all the details, but you know how desperate one gets on how to increase lucidity threads…

wow this sounds interesting. ill try it!

I don’t know if this is just a coindidence, but last night I tried it and had my first WILD! I’ll keep trying!