Incredibly vivid dreams

So after a while of learning to relax every part of my body before sleeping, and being able to enter that warm, comfortable state where your body seems to be “buzzing”, I can now remember each and every dream. They’re so much more vivid than other dreams and I can often remember the emotions, textures, and things such as the warmth of sunshine, or the cool spray from standing in front of a waterfall. When I wake up, I can often still feel the effect. I generally use the WBTB or MILD methods, and I can use them to achieve the same effect.

I’ve had the occasional lucid dream in the past, but I suppose my question is how do I now step that little bit further and achieve complete lucidity? It feels to me that I’m right on the edge, but what do you think?

I think you need to tell me how to relax every part of my body cause that’s a problem of mine :wink:

I have the same problem as you I think. I get to the point where I feel as if I could just snap into a lucid dream at any time, but I never do.

Well basically I lie on my back, relaxed with my hands by my sides, head back. It’s important to have a comfortable bed/pillow. Then I close my eyes, regulate my breathing and, starting at my feet, feel the muscles relax. It’s up to you, but I think it also helps when I talk to myself in my head - ie “the muscles in my left foot are relaxing completely, I can feel them now, they’re totally still”. etc. I do that for every limb - feet, calves, thighs, hands, forearm etc. All the way up to my neck and face.

Once done, my whole body feels warm and almost buzzes. It’s a great feeling and one that greatly helps you to dream.

Hope that helps. :wink:

Ah, you mean like in the lucid-trance induction mp3? :happy:
I get it :happy:

I don’t know, I’ve not heard that…but probably!

It seems to work though.

The mp3 goes like

And that’s pretty much the way it goes 'till you reach the neck and head.

Wow that’s intresting! So relaxing (As though you’re attempting WILD) before going to sleep can help recall and summon vivid dreams…

Might Give this a go. :happy: