Inducing a lucid dream, someone help me out

I have been having trouble directly inducing a lucid dream. So far I have only been able to get a lucid dream spontaneously during a regular dream (this is never controlled and I cant tell when I will have a lucid dream). This is what I’ve been practicing for the past two weeks:

  1. I wake up by an alarm 5 hours after I go to bed. I usually go to bed at 1 so I set the alarm at 6.
  2. When I wake up if I am not on my back I roll to my back and go into the hands-on the sides position.
  3. I try and lay perfectly still and wait to get the SP feeling of numbness climbing up from your feet to your body.
  4. While I wait I try and imagine a scene, however this doesn’t seem to work for me so I lay there waiting. I don’t have a problem with relaxing as at 5am I am tired and ready to go to sleep any time.
  5. By this point I usually roll to my side because I don’t feel comfortable and I think that this discomfort wont let me sleep, or I fall asleep without being lucid.

What could someone suggest for me to do while I relax and wait for a dream, how can I stay more conscious but allow for a dream to happen?
You could suggest a different technique, I believe I am right now doing WILD. Please specify how I should approach it, or WILD.

I know how you feel. If I find any ways, I will message you. Im doing research as well, so Ill help you when I get an answer. I know this isnt helping(right now) but ill assist you when I find a way.

Thank you. I have sent you a PM to keep in touch easier. Been really struggling to get over this barrier. :sad:

What you need is a bridge between the waking world and dreaming world.

If you are getting to the relaxed, body numb state you are most of the way there.

Rather than ‘thinking of a scene’ which probably makes your mind too active and your body wake up, pick an object in your room, any object.

Focus ON that object. Don’t think about it, simply keep your relaxed focus on it, where you know it to be in your room.

This should help you get past where you are getting stuck.