inducing an FA

It seems as if I get lucid the best by having a FA. The only time I ever really think to do a reality check is if i get that rushing feeling of awakening, but realize that there is something not right about it. So is there a way to induce a FA? Maybe if i just think about having an FA before going to bed. Any ideas?

Sorry if this is a repost or anything, there are so many hits for FA when I do a search i would rather just ask.

Hmmm… inducing a FA.
Well, the way I induce a FA is just simply trying to LD with many WBTB and WILD. So it is not intentional, but if I don’t succeed to LD then I’ll have some FA’s by common default.

Maybe you can do an act. Like, get in bed. Pretend that you are sleeping.
Pretend to wake up. Get up.
Say to yourself. “I was just sleeping and now I am really awake.”
Walk around doing meaningless things like a zombie.
Get back in bed. Then pretend to wake up for real.
Say to yourself, “Wait! That was a dream?!”

So if you act out this FA scenario, many times, it is sure to follow you into your dreaming. Good luck.

Haha, except remember to do RCs or you might not catch it and do the routine in a dream only to wake up for real and be like wait… :ack: