Induction MP3's?

Does anybody know of any induction mp3’s for lucid dreaming that put you into a deeper state of hypnosis? Other than the following:

Any of the ones done by the guy who does CurseLucidDreams
The one who starts out “Hi, my name is Robert, and I’d like to welcome you to this trance, forming dreams”
The Australian guy who starts out echoey in the beginning saying “Welcome to the world of the awake dreams” or whatever.

I don’t really like those. :razz:

there is a CurseLucidDreams2…
or do you mean you also dont like CurseLucidDreams too ??
im a bit cunfuzzeld too

lol. Yeah, I don’t like that guy. He does CurseLucidReams, that one, and some others. He’s kind of, erm, creepy. :razz:

Many say that :tongue:

lol, yeah. I need to try and fall asleep while listening to the MP3’s (since I can’t get into trance for some reason, at least not from the ones I mentioned), but there’s no way with that. :razz:

Have you ever been hypnotized Nik J92?

I didn’t truly know what a trance felt like (or what it really was) until I was actually hypnotised at a Renaissance fair two years ago. The whole thing about CursedLucidDreams is that you’re not meant to fall asleep during the mp3, it’s a sort of hypnotic treatment that will make you lucid dream…

Honestly, though, I haven’t found any mp3 that successfully gave me a LD; I-doser, CursedLucidDreams (though I’m going to listen to it each night), etc… Of course, I never fell asleep to any. All the headphones I’ve worn are way too uncomfortable to sleep in and listening to the sound on speakers is kind of annoying to those who sleep in rooms around me – seriously, the walls are paper thin.

mmh there was a post with many different LD induction files some weeks ago but i gues it wasnt legit and was therefore removed (atleast I can’t find it anymore…)

Curseluciddreams? I remember that file and the site they come from… I’m sorry to tell this to you… but most of those files do not work… Not only because the guy that records them sound like your creepy elementary school gym coach but because they are to low quality… Most files are supposed to sound clear… his are full of static from his mic and not to mention the skips between his recording of the induction and the actual recording… so unless you can reach a zen like state of relaxation during one of his recordings… I wouldn’t advise it… and if you are able to get really relaxed while listening to him… I’d suggest therapy.
Also falling asleep during listening to the files ((AKA Hypnopedia)) is not proven to work… of coarse the last time it was exclusively researched was in the 60’s and even then the results were inconclusive. It might be interesting to try that for yourself to see if it works… but I can only imagine it keeping you awake.