Influence of dieing in dreams

“Hello world!” :tongue:

The last nights I had some dreams in which I was inside of games (non-lucid dreams, because I had no LDs yet) and I died in these games. I saw a big red text: “GAME OVER”. what is quite funny because I really felt like being in this games, and I did not wake up.
But I thought that I will wake up when I die and this is what I wanted to ask you:

How does dieing work in games when dreaming?


Well the word out there is that the true gamers never die, they just respawn! :grin:

So I guess that’s how it works in dreams too, well if the death was shocking to you I guess you would wake up but you must’ve had some kind of awareness at least that you are in some kind of game environment and the death didn’t something you should worry about, at the end you did respawn, right? :tongue:

What do you mean?

I’ve died in non-lucid dreams and I’ve always woken up–if that’s what you’re getting at.

I’ve also sustained serious damage in lucid dreams, which would kill me in waking physical reality, and I’ve had nothing to worry about except the emotional shock.

I haven’t had a lot of videogame dreams, but I’ve never really been a gamer. I’ve had a few gaming-type lucid dreams.

I do know of somebody who uses the phrase “Game Over” in order to wake up if he feels like the lucid dream has gotten too intense.

I would guess that what happens after you die in a dream is whatever you believe comes after death. If you believe you’ll go to heaven you’ll probably experiences what you think that is.
I’ve had a lot of gaming dreams even if its been a very long time since I’ve played anything. I think there’s a connection between games and dreams because in both cases you’re interacting with a reality that isn’t actually real. It’s easy to see when your playing a game, but hopefully you’ll be able to see that when you’re dreaming next time!

I get something like a Game Over, too. I was being strangled by an old lady in an empty shopping mall, and it wasn’t established that it was a game, but in my vision there was this pop-up box that warned me that my Flash player was outdated and that the Application was going on memory overload and would quit any time. I don’t know if I died, because it all got static-y and I woke up.

Another time, I got stabbed in the neck by an Orc and bled to death in one dream, but haunted the room afterwards like a ghost. So, I don’t always wake up upon dying.

This wasn’t in a game, but I’ve had a couple dreams where I woke up just before I died. The only one I really remember dying in, the death was only the beginning. I don’t really remember the part of the dream before I died, but I think I got hit by a car or something. It didn’t feel too bad to die, but then I found myself in some place that throughout the course of the dream I figured out was purgatory. It’s probably my favorite ND I’ve ever had, and it was the most detailed I’ve ever remembered a dream.