insomnia been fighting it for 5 yrs suggestions

Can anyone help me before my insomnia I used to be able to lucid dream all the time since I was young before I knew about lucidy i keep trying but i also have permanent brain damage so i forgot to try every night ,i keep a dream journal and record every Dream i remember i need help i want to heal my brain through lucidy :sad:

Hello Brantley;
I believe that sleeping outside REM phase is when the brain heals, that’s mostly when not dreaming, but I’m not sure, you would need a proper help for that.

Also, when asking for professional help, also ask if you need vitamins important to your brain, maybe you are lacking them, which also would cause insomnia.

Despite that, good luck.

Routine often helps me with acute insomnia. Avoid laying bed when not actively trying to sleep if possible, then do a nightly routine starting about 30minutes prior to going to bed.

Turn off the tv/radio/internet and spend the 30minutes relaxing, maybe have a drink and let your mind be free of those things that might keep it active. After a little relaxation, get on with you’re normal prebedtime routine and go to bed. Hopefully in time this should become routine, and your mind will understand that doing these means you’re ready to sleep and tee insomnia will pass.

As far as forgetting to try and have lucid dreams goes, you could always put a note on your bedside table as a reminder.

I’m taking the NZT 1 but it doesn’t help with my sleep and routine is hard for me I have a three month old baby boy
I need help

what technique would be best for me since my mind cannot stop racing at night, hi try relaxing and meditating but no results

You should try deep sleep induction hypnosis. I personally have used it the last 3 nights , having some insomnia myself, and it has worked (though it only worked in putting myself asleep). Also, some of the ‘peaceful time’ nap cds are really really good. I suggest the island and in addition the healthy rest, because ive tried those and theyve been helpful for me.

I also am using the ‘happy memory jogger’ hypnosis download when I wake up, and Im farely sure this is going to help me get the deep sleep i need …

Also, your brain hasnt been damaged, listening to the first deep sleep induction will fix you of that notion. Its just your circadian rhythm is off.

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I think maybe when someone mentions their own medical condition, it’s probably best to respect their knowledge on their point and not contradict them? I know I’d find it irritating if some random person on a forum who’d didn’t know a thing about me except what I chose to reveal in my posts presumed to know my medical situation better than I or my doctor did.

Well, apparently theyre not irritated since they haven’t responded, are they.
Anyways, I’d find it irritating if my doctor told me i had permanent brain damage; and then I would try to fix that permanent brain damage, yeah!? So clearly he doesnt believe he has permanent brain damage, or he wouldnt be trying to fix it

ya too I do have damage supposedly permanently but I am trying to heal it I’m looking experimenting with Sun gazing you should try it, I believe my dreams can too I am a very spiritual and very open minded if you could only imagine what I think of just here looking for advice

i once tried lucid dreaming to help myself - any friends, any situation, spiritual advice, what could be better? But im not good at lucid dreaming, and it would take alot of work to become a master of lucid dreaming to receive any consistent benefits, so it was a no-go.

sungazing sounds dangerous, you shouldn’t do it!
good luck (you should try hypnosis downloads too i think they’ll really help. right now I’m listening to the improve self esteem one, the inferiority complex download. it has some really nice messages contained in it - you are unique, you belong to this universe, you are loved …)

Starryseth try looking into it before you judge it

I just found this, sense induce lucid dream is claimed to cure insomnia if done correctly, at least it says that briefly at the bottom

Q: I got insomnia after doing SSILD…

A: Actually, performing SSILD correctly is likely to cure your insomnia. There is a remarkable resemblance between SSILD and Betty Erickson’s self-hypnosis routine! Now back to the question. We need to first identify if we are taking about “real insomnia” or “false insomnia”. Remember, SSILD likes to create these super realistic false awakenings. It is very possible for you to enter an FA while still performing the SSILD cycles. In this case you will be trying to fall asleep while you are already sleeping! Next time you find yourself unable to fall asleep during a cycle, you should definitely perform a reality check, no matter how convinced you are! For people who indeed suffers loss of sleep due to SSILD, I suggest you tweak your routines in two areas: 1. Reduce the amount of sleep before waking up for SSILD. 2. Reduce the time you spend on staying awake prior to the exercise.

Thanks I’ll try

What techniques can i use for lucidy

SSILD is supposed to give you vivid false awakenings, or spontaneous dream induced lucid dreaming.

I’m going to give it a shot

DILD + MILD are good techniques for beginners :smile: that’s what im using for the moment