Insomnia - Can't sleep!

Maybe he’s being ironic. Or maybe he’s from Sweden or something.

I was the only one who thought that was funny? :sad:

If you want to fall asleep (faster) you should try foods high of tryptophan… (unless you’re alergic to it =| ):

This site has other nutritional suggestions for falling asleep, and also shows you what to avoid.

How long do these foods take effect to get you sleepy?

thanks Fadem!

From the page: “It takes around one hour for the tryptophan in the foods to reach the brain, so don’t wait until right before bedtime to have your snack.”

I no longer have trouble sleeping due to me getting used to taking naps after a night of little sleep and a day at school. Naps worked for me. But if I do have trouble sleeping now, I’ve realized it’s due to this: It’s extremely difficult to sleep when your eyes are focusing hard. You have to soften your eyes.

If you feel like there is a strain on your eyes, try this: Think about the area two inches above the roof of your mouth. I read this somewhere, and I swear you instantly feel more relaxed/drowsy. It also softens your eyes.

So, try that. Right now.

I did. It seemed like it worked a little bit. That’s weird…

When I try to sleep some nights, I find it hard to relax and calm my mind. It’s like it won’t shut up. Does anyone have any tips that can make you feel comfortable and relaxed after a stressing day? How can I get myself more sleepy. And please, nothing dirty… lol.

a lot of the tips so far are in this post LINK

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Thanx. Sorry bout that.

Don’t you just hate it when you lying in bed for like 40 minutes and you don’t feel tired at all? Well it’s happening to me right now and I’m sick of it. I can’t get to sleep sometimes, I’m not even tired! I went to bed at 2 AM last night and woke up at 12:00 PM :eek: (first time that ever happened for me to wake up that late). Anyone got any advice so we all can go to sleep when we want to?

set your alarm for about 6 o clock, go out and run, work in your yard w.e wear yourslef out. do that as many days in a row until you start going to bed at lets say 10, your sleep cycle will start to go back to the way you want it.

I mow the lawn every weekend so I don’t know if that’ll do much. I guess I could get outside and not on my computer 24/7.

That happened to me last night. :grrr: I was completely dead from nine to ten, then I had to go up to my room at ten. I thought I’d fall back asleep right away. No. I was laying in bed for almost an hour. Grr. :grrr:

Ya, I hate that feeling more than I can describe. And it doesn’t help when my room is hot either. I usually go to the bathroom, rinse my face off, go downstairs for a snack and warm milk, read a bit, then try again. It mostly happens before something important when I’m nervous, like the first day back to school.

I’ve been getting into a regular sleep schedule lately. It feels nice. What I do is drink chamomile tea about a half hour before I want to go to bed. I browse the forums for a bit to get my mind on LDs. And then I get in bed and try Dork’s advice:

“Think about the area two inches above the roof of your mouth.”

It works really well, actually.

This may work for the average ‘Joe’, but I work shift work. This is a combination of working days and nights. It sucks because I go through episodes of insomnia, and cant keep a regular sleep schedule. Any advice from fellow shift workers out there.

You know what REALLY sucks?
2:38 a.m.
School night
Have to get up at 6.
Have a test tomorrow.

I have a really SERIOUS sleep problem!!! Please help me out with any advice.

I have to drive to college for an hour and a half on the highway and then have a 7 hour day and drive back. Well I’ve been doing this without sleep at least 5-6 times this semester!! If this keeps up I’ll probably kill myself. Not sleeping screws with my complexion, I can’t concentrate, I look terrible, my immune system weakens and I catch colds much easier, etc.! And as terrible as this is, I still want to stay away from Night/Day medication because I’m allergic to a lot of drugs and I don’t want to get addicted.

When I try to sleep, I can’t shut my mind up especially when I’m anxious or excited. TV and going on the internet or something like that definitely does NOT help since I start concentrating on that. Or I keep playing a song in my head.

I read someone was recommending Kava tea. Does this really work?

Lina: I don’t know where i read it, but someone recommended that whenever you have a thought, notice it, take a word or a couple of them, and repeat again and again, extremely slow and sloooower for each time, so slow that you can’t even remember what word you begun with… It works.

If you have looping thoughts and concerns, write them down and tell yourself to leave it THERE on the paper and go to sleep here.