Ok, so here’s the thing; acheiving a lucid dream for the first time to me is one things that I could die for, and that’s the problem. Every time I go to bed telling myself that I’m gonna have a lucid dream I get excited and won’t even fall asleep! But only when I WANT to have a LD. Other times where just go to bed not thinking about anything, I fall asleep in like 20 minutes. But, again, thinking of LDing while trying to go to sleep keeps me up for the rest of the night. Is there any way that I try to have a LD a d not stay awake for the rest of the night if I fail?

I had a similar problem too. But mine wasn’t as severe. I was trying really hard to have a LD, when all I needed to do was relax, and realize that I was going to have an LD anyway.

Also drink warm milk if you need a sleeping aid.

Well that’s gonna be pretty hard to “just relax” but I’ll give it a shot anyways. Also, how do I know if I’m trying too hard?

try taking melitonin, you can take it like as a vitamin supplement. i take it, after the fist week or so i notice that my urge to go to sleep was alot higher than usual. plus it might help to do a relaxation exercise or something before you go to bed :neutral:

all these relaxations and things link to meditation

being calm and relaxed - meditation research it apply it
and then try ld…again

u should be able to handle ur exitement
just think of it like why am i gettin exited,

i do this all the time , so no need , its my usuall routine

Try to set your intend and desire for lucid dreaming during the day for some time. Do not think of it before going to bed however. Your intend will slowly seep into your subconscious.
Or wake your self after 6 hours of sleep, just inside your REM-period, do not get out of bed like WBTB but just try to go to sleep again thinking of lucid dreaming. It might be a lot easier to sleep if you have just awoken.

Argh, insomnia wins again… drinking a glass of warm milk felt like it was helping for a couple of minutes. I need help to relax, telling myself “just relax” isn’t enough for me :meh: And I highly doubt I can get my hands on some melitonin without anyone getting suspicous. I’ve yet to try what Drahcir qnd d3struc said but I’ll give it a shot. I’m also wondering, I rarely leave my iPod it’s with me 90% of the time. Is there anything sound or music related that can help acheive a LD? Cause I was thinking that playing a couple of Moby songs might help…

play sound meditation or pink noise
a smooth sound of the earth or woods or some thing

low low volume which can help u sleep
or ld , if u have ur intentions focused

i think first b4 LD u need to know how to sleep or fall asleep
and then we can move on LD

Ok. I just downloaded a couple of those sounds. Wish me luck :confused:

You can also check out artist like David Parsons, he (for example) makes really nice meditative music with quality. I use it myself for getting to sleep.
Usually if you buy (or download :smile:) a cd marked “Meditative colourful rainbow journeys” or something you hear they’re made without a “soul”.

(My mother bought a meditative cd called thunderstorm to get to sleep for €1,50. You do indeed hear a storm coming, rain falling slowly getting louder, then as you drift a sleep after about 45 minutes you hear (very loud) a sound I can only describe as the call of a female elk wanting to mate. Waking you instantly)

And I wish you luck.

When I want to fall asleep instantly, here’s what I do:

I just choose the position, close my eyes…and I just relax…my muscles relax…
I just tell myself (in my head) that I’m relaxed, that I’m falling asleep, my brain is relaxing…

Well, then I breathe in and out and also say in my head ‘‘breathe in…and out…in…and out…in…out…in…out’’ and I fall asleep in less than a minute.

But you probably won’t get a lucid dream like that, so skip the last part :shy:

Anyways, it’s self hypnosis…just repeat that you are relaxed, that you are falling asleep…you will just feel more relaxed, you will feel like you are sinking…
Do it with a nice, soothing voice.
It always works for me.

Ok just woke up right now… and I still can’t sleep. Music therapy just makes me more awake since I jsut start thinkng waay to much of how the song was made. Argh… sleepng is becoming next to impossible for me :meh: But on the bright side, I managed to remember a fairly long dream. And thanks for sharing that Antares. I’ll give it a shot tonight :wink:

Waking up requires sleeping :wink:

While listening to the music relax your body and keep fixating on one simple thought, the letter A for example. If another thought pops to your mind do not fight it but also do not “identify” yourself with it, just tell it to go away. If it is an important thought tell it you’ll spend time with it later.

Don get stressed over not being able to sleep, it makes you sleep worse. Just let it be for what it is.

If you roll around a lot that makes you take longer to sleep. What I usually do when I’m having a hard time falling asleep is I find a comfortable position and stick to it as long as I can. I only roll over after a long time and when I really really feel like I have to. Then I do it slooooowly and gently. You can see how after a while in the same position (relaxed, of course) can make you feel closer to sleep. Well, in my experience at least. It’s just like WILD, if you move you kinda snap out of it and the process resets.

Thanks Mattias, that’s a good tip for me too.


my other tip is lay on da bed and force urself to sleep
dont get out of the bed for nothing

close your eyes , for ever dont open them
dont think of nothing , dont focus on nothin , no sound no neighbors chatting
dont think what happend outside

why do you hear the siren , who cares just let everything go
if u need to hear or focus on something

hear yourself breathe inside your head- when you hear the sounds inside your head
know that your fallin asleep and that your on a good route.

Do that for 10 minutes hearing your breathing inside your brain, if you get passed this
do it for 20 or how ever long it takes for u to knock out

dont touch or fiddle with nothing
your body is dead

dont move it , dont do no movement
unlesss u have to cuz ur itchy or bathroom or w,e

this should def work, well works for me ,
focus on hearin the breath inside ur head , hear the sound
should be some what

(hollow when u think of it ) or harsh tone to it like hmmmmm but not exhaling but inhaling and with out the humming sound of “HMMM”

You really have to try it, that was my 500th post :colgate:

Yeah it was your advice that has gotten me the closest to LDing yet.

(Copy, paste):
The technique I’ve used the most so far (and probably the most effective) is WILD. Last night I tired it and got pretty damn close, closest I’ve gotten to LDing yet. So I’m just laying there counting my breathing and when I was around 450 my heart just started beating harder and and faster. I tried to ignore it but it just kept getting more intense. I kept counting my breathing and eventually my heart started relaxing and slowing down until the point where breathing became very easy. I was also paralized. I couldn’t move my body without having to put some effort into it. So I did a reality check by covering my nose holes with my hand but I could still breathe. I pinched myself but I still felt pain. I looked at my hand at looked normal. So I figured that I should just wait more and layed there counting up to 800. It was there that I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere so I just stopped. But now I couldn’t sleep, I tend to get hit by some pretty bad insomnia every time I fail to LD. But I’ve o ly been trying for about 5 days and my dream journal has hardly anything in it. But I’m not gonna give up until I have at least ONE lucid dream.

You know, that really is the case for most people…with WILD.
That also happened to me the first time I tried it.

So should I stick to WILD or experiment with other methods? Like MILD, for example.