It’s up to you.

You either put some more effort into WILD and really try it…you’ve got new advices…afterall, WILD is the ‘‘holy grail’’ of lucid dreaming.

But you could also try other methods, it’s your choice.

Wow, I’m just amazed right now. The dream I had this morning was the most amazing, longest, and vivid dream yet. What’s even more impressive is that it was related with what I wanted to lucid dream about! And as an added bonus, I didn’t get insomnia! (well, I did but it was just not as bad. Probably lasted about an half an hour compared to the 3+ hours I usually get) I used MILD and i guess it’s true when they say that it improves yor dream recall cuase it certanly helped mine! I also noticed 2 things about my dreams. First is that they’re getting longer and easier to remember and second, that I think I found my dream pattern or whatever it’s called. Downside is that I notice that dream pattern at the end of a dream and I’m wondering if that will afect my lucid dreaming?

Gah I need help again, the past two nights I’ve been randomly getting a strong urge to move in the middle of the WILD process. Of course I remember not to roll over too fast but even the slightest movement is enogh to wake me up. And my dreams have been getting shorter too. So um… help?

suspicious? don’t worry i’m not suggesting that you take some crazy drug or medication :content: , it’s just like a vitamin, it can help induce sleep, because your body might not be producing enough of it (in case you don’t know melatonin is the chemical in your body that makes you sleep)

I’d recommend just forgetting about WILD for now and start trying RC 's. Just make your self do a reality check like every time you see the color green or something, and after long enough you should end up doing one in your dream. It requires you to do nothing as you fall asleep.

no clue how to help

Sorry if I’m reviving this topic so much but does it matter what you do after you wake up from WBTB? Like talking to someone, eating something, watching TV or just laying in bed all while thinking about lucid dreaming? And which method would be better to use after waiting for an hour?

It doesn’t matter as long as you keep your body relaxed and awaken your mind. I usually get out of bed, turn on the lights and listen to some agitated music with headphones :tongue:

You can try WILD or MILD when you go back to bed, but any technique should be good…

If you have trouble falling back asleep or fall asleep too fast you can experiment with different times you stay up.

Awesome, thanks. Bad thing is I’ll only be able to try WBTB on weekends… However I had a weird dream this morning. In that dream I saw a man that for some reason, I knew. I’ve never seen him before but I just knew him. He was pretending to be a wax figurine or something because was dressed as a matador and not moving. I instantly knew he was real and laughed at his performance. He came to his senses and started complaining how I shouldn’t be here and other things along those lines. But I didn’t care, and this is the really weird part. At that moment I realized this was a dream but didn’t become lucid. I was sort of like in an auto pilot state. I did a RC and I could still breathe. I also noticed that dream was pretty dark and hazy and I remembered that shouting out “increase lucidity!” should help. So I shout it and before I know it, the dream ends. Whoa… What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I have become lucid at the moment I found out I was dreaming?

You WERE lucid…
You become lucid when you realize you are dreaming.
Your lucidity was just very low :wink:

Whoa really? Same thing happened this morning but this time I felt like I had more control. I tried to fly but I could hover, and everything looked like if I were cross-eyed too. However it was still very limted and was very dark and hazy. This time instead if the dream just ending, I guess I lost my lucidity and continued the normal dream which lasted about 30 seconds. Bleh I’ll go into more detail later today cause I have to go school right now.