Intense fear of LD... HELP.

Okay so I’ve practiced LD a lot lately… and I can often get my self in a state of partial lucidity where I am aware I am dreaming although I cannot control everything.
I was reading on reality checks the other day and I came across “you can look in a mirror… and if you look any different then you ill be dreaming. However, some people have looked so horrifically disfigured whilst LD that they got frightened and woke themselves up”
So my problem is, is that now I KNOW that whenever I LD I will remember this mirror, and see myself horrifically disfigured.
All I associate with LD now is my reflection looking disfigured… and I keep imagining more gruesome images.
Please help:/ thanks

I don’t think you should worry so much, maybe try to imagine yourself with funny disfigurements?

I don’t see how looking like a monster in a mirror in a dream is scary… perhaps it’s a girl thing.

Maybe consciously design a dream self. One LD’er here decided that all the “tools” he’ll want in his LD’s are part of a special mechanical suit, say that’s what appears around you the moment you become lucid. As for myself, I pretty automatically turn invisible and can’t see myself in mirrors. Other times, though I didn’t plan or design it, lucidity automatically gives me a snazzy steampunk jacket. It doesn’t do anything, but I feel up for an epic adventure when I wear it so it must look cool.

I also like to take on forms in my dreams based off fictional characters that I like. One time it was Serafina Pekkala, but black on witches is so overdone so I turn the ragged silks that are her coven’s uniform into a turquoise version for myself. Inspired by an NLD I had a long time ago, I also have another form in my mind’s back pocket that’s based on Beatrix the lady knight from Final Fantasy IX, except with supermodel/superheroine proportions instead of the chibi that appears in the game.

Going all Jungian dream interpretation pop-psyche on you, is there something else in waking life, other than reading that lucidity tip, that’s put it into your head that something about you is ugly? It doesn’t have to be physical, it could be an emotional reaction that you’re suppressing in order to fit in, or a flaw that people keep punishing you for and yet you don’t get ‘fixed’ from that punishment so you start to blame yourself when you shouldn’t. This can resurface in dream symbols such as seeing your body mutilated. Maybe you can use the event you fear as an opportunity to confront the pain in your psyche, and heal.

I remember being concerned when I heard about the old hag thing…but luckily my OH experience were never so bad (like being annoyed by my OH mom in a dream)! :tongue: So maybe you could try to convince yourself that your SC won’t even be able to come up with anything.

Also skip the mirror RC…and maybe try to focus on outdoor environments where you are less likely to encounter a mirror. Maybe you can find images that are really beautiful to saturate your consciousness with so that they can override negative fears.

heh, this is exactly how I felt in the begining…
well, you shouldn’t let this discourage you. it’s NOT as terrifying as you think
even if you will see something gruesome (but most likely you won’t) you will take it differently as you would IRL …it’s really not that bad, don’t worry
LDing is too much fun to be afraid of it because of mirrors

You could do that, or deliberately face your fear in your LD, like EllyEve said. Maybe try hovering about the forum and finally reading this topic before going to sleep? That might help take the intensity out of the fear or better still, remove it!

Thanks for the advice everyone, to be honest I think that just by discussing this will have made this mirror problem disappear :smile:
And it’s not that I have a problem with self confidence or anything, although that would be plausible, its more a touch of Autophobia (fear of ones mind) and I’ve always been afraid of images my mind could show me, or use against me in some way.
And it shocked me when I read about it in the LD environment.
But I think its rather irrelevant now with the tips and strategies, and hey if it did happen, what better a way to conquer a fear than in an LD?
Many thanks :happy:

you know, i completely understand you, because mirrors freak me out even IRL xD that’s why i didn’t even consider this RC… it’s just freaky :happy: also, i’m not afraid of seeing me disfigured… i’m afraid of seeing someone else besides me there O_O
but someone this doesn’t keep me from wanting LDs :yes: try not to think about it! the LD will be more rewarding than the fear can be scary :smile: hehe

but the strange thing, i mostly see myself as a 3rd person in my dreams. at least part of the time… so i guess i don’t have to fear mirrors so much :smile:

Put it this way… would you rather have the ability to become lucid in a nightmare or have no LD at all?

So, you have always been afraid of your own mind and somehow you were led to Lucid Dreaming? Talk about going into the belly of the beast. Do it! You will come out stronger. Pass the veil of sleep and plunge into the abyss. Face yourself in the mirror. You may find yourself on the threshold to a new day.

Lucid dreaming is a bit like virtual reality and virtual reality is often used to help people overcome phobias, so I think you should try to use lucid dreaming as a tool to overcone yours fears.

I never thought that lucid dreaming would be the answer to my autophobia. But now it seems like the perfect solution. I am a strong believer of fate, and this could be my way out… I have been led here to overcome my fears:)! thanks everyone

when i was learning to lucid dream i read the same thing. That was my worst fear and the first two days i researched about dreaming those nights i was basically terrified to even fall asleep. Although i usually NEVER dream about a mirror even thought thats my worst fear. But two times i have seen a mirror and the only difference was i had my braces off so theres basically nothing to be afraid of :smile: the third day of research that night i had my first LD :happy: