Intense heart rate and rapidly moving eyelids

So last night i attempted my first WBTB in a long time. On the first time trying to sleep before the alarm was set to wake me up, i was visualizing things i wanted to dream about. The things i was visualizing were sexual in nature and when i got really into it, my heart rate started to go very fast, i could feel my heart beat all over my body along with my eyelids starting to move rapidly. I at first thought the heart rate was due to being sexually aroused. But when i did the WBTB attempt when the alarm woke me up later, the same things happened, only this time i wasn’t sexually aroused (wasn’t visualizing the same things). Is this normal for entering SP? I do suffer from health anxiety and often worry i will have a heart attack at any second, so obviously this made my think my heart was gonna explode or something.

Also, when the rapid eyelid movement occured, i saw a white glow. Dunno if this was my ceiling or not though.

Hey there Zorgling,

Don’t worry, everything is fine with you. As far as I can say that was SP onset. Meaning that you’re close to performing a WILD. I’m not completely sure anymore why your hart starts racing, but I’ve had that as well, the eye twitching is known as the Rapid Eye Movement (Ring a bell? REM-sleep :spinning: )
Sadly, entering is the most difficult :sad:
The white glow might just have been the start of a dream forming.
Use the search function to find ways of entering. Feel free to ask more.

Good Luck!

Will try it again either tonight or tomorrow, but the heart rate can be felt through out your whole body too right?

Well, the experience is extremely subjective. By that I mean it’s different for everybody.

For me, It usually starts with my breathing getting very deep and very fast!
My eyes twitch and I can feel my hart race. When I get really deep I feel energetic vibrations pass through me (That’s the only way I can explain the sensation) and I hear this oscillating noise really loudly. The sound and vibrations are more a part of the actual SP, but are also there slightly beforehand

So no, I don’t feel my heart race through my whole body but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel it.

So while i was trying the WILD method again last night, i can tell you where i felt the heart beat. I felt it on my chest and my shoulders, thats how far it goes.