Interesting Idea for WILD

Hey everyone, i come here to tell you guys something that works very well everytime I try WILD. This is for just when you get to the vibrations stage and you feel the pressure in your head, etc… if you’re still not sure how to enter an LD from there, try rolling your eyes up as if you were looking into your third eye (the area between your eyebrows), look up there with your eyes closed and you will be INSTANTLY transported to a LD in a matter of seconds (for me it only takes like 1 second, it all happens extremely fast). Works 100% of the time for me. I’ve heard before that this is also called the third eye chakra technique, which was completely mastered by tibetas many years ago… nevertheless, it works wonders with WILD. Also works during afternoon naps, just as soon as you wake up from a nap and your still body feels extremely tired and heavy and you feel like half asleep and half awake… don’t even open your eyes much, instead just roll your eyes up to your third eye and you will enter an LD immediately. Even though it’s good for naps, I still find it incredibly effective with WILD.

This is interesting. How does one “roll” his eyes up? Does he imagine moving them up to his forehead, or does he actually roll his eyes up?

interesting idea, i’m gonna try it…

//btw, when people in our class did a simplified (and actually dangerous) kind of holotropic breathwork, they had to roll their eyes up to make it 100% work (we’re mad class :grin: ) //

you actually roll them up while having your eyelids closed. try it you’ll see it’s not that hard… and you’ll notice that you get a sort of dizziness feel to it…

I know that dizziness! I don’t think I’ve tried this while in vibrations, though… Next time I’ll try to remember…

Seems like a good idea! I’m definitely gonna try it :smile:

That’s so interesting! What does it feel like? Does the HI change/become more prominent?

Sounds interesting. Sometimes WILD works for me, directly after waking up, but the success rate is still rather low, so I’ll give it a try.

If you do a WILD after waking up, then it’s considered a DEILD instead.

The sensation is quite difficult to describe… but basically the moment you roll you eyes up it is like if you were “sucked” into a dream… I feel like I’m going through an incredibly fast wormhole. I actually enjoy it very much, and during those few seconds I feel very excited and anxious because I know I’m about to enter a dream hehe

About the HI I haven’t paid much attention… mostly because the effect of this third eye technique is so fast that you barely even have time to see what’s going on with the HI… basically like I said you feel like you get sucked in a dream and the dream scenario will form before your eyes in a matter of seconds.

Also, this technique works amazing when doing chaining, or the so called DEILD,

I haven’t had vibrations in a while, but this morning I woke up and imagined I was spinning around. I could start feeling the sensation so I thought I was close to a dream. I then remembered this thread and rolled my eyes up. I didn’t enter a LD but everytime I rolled my eyes up I sensed a great increase in the feeling of entering the dream. It wasn’t properly vibrations, just that… floating/sucking/distorting feeling. I think I only didn’t enter a LD because I had a hard time concentrating… specially as I hear my mother trying to wake me up (yeah, turned out to be HH :grrr: but even so, I only fell for it the first time :razz:). If this helps enter a LD quicker when I already have vibrations that would be awesome! specilly because I almost never enter a LD when I get vibrations… I only stay there… vibrating :roll:

Actually, I do that to kick start some HI when I need some help. It always 1. hurts my eyes ie. pressure and 2. makes some really interesting images.

exactly, you don’t have to stay there just vibrating heheh… rolling your eyes up will help you do that transition from vibrations to LD… I also read from someone else that did this technique worked very well for him when he rolled his eyes up and at the same time visualized a dream scenario. Personally I haven’t had the need to visualize but that doesn’t mean it should’nt help. I would advise next time you try to visualize along with this technique and see how it works.

It used to hurt my eyes aswell but then I started doing it in a more relaxed manner and not pushing my eyes too far up, just concentrating more on the third eye than on the actual rolling of the eyes. But that’s cool that you use it to bring HI, the tech works great with WILD

I’ve tried that a few times, it affects me with some kind of weakness. Like I became week in body and spirit when trying this. It helps a lot to enter in trance state or at least close to this state. But I’ve never tried it while doing WILD.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t help, oh and I was trying this at bed time and it put me in this mode very quickly so I guess while doing it with WBTB it should do something…

Sounds really good!

I’ll definitly give it a try, thanks!

This seems awesome to try in action. I am practicing WILD every night through WBTB and I usually get to SP (with a noticeable transistion) before actual dream (and I usually fail in SP because of excitement) so I need to try this.

Sounds a combination of WILD and the Suneye method, which I used to use. Unfortunately, my eyes got used to the soreness/dizziness you describe and after that the method wouldn’t make me lucid anymore. Maybe because the soreness was helping my subconscious stay awake instead of the purpose being to focus on the actual third eye :confused: but it’s been ages since then so I’ll try this and see how it goes.