into deep space

has anyone ever gone outside of the earth in space or been on a different planet in their LDs?

Well, in one of my Lucid Dreams I was trying to reach Heaven. I believe (in my own mind) I was going through the “Astral Planes” or something that seemed similar.

For me to try and describe it… it was quite surreal feeling at the time. I remember a lot of clouds - I kept trying to go HIGHER into the “sky” in order to reach the top level of the “Astral Planes”. I don’t think I was actually going through any real kind of “Astral Planes” as people talk about, but rather one in my imagination.

Through my LD I tried to go higher and higher. I remember, at the final point before I woke from my LD (not intentionally of course) I was trying to fly into a cloud-swirl (funnel/whirlwind shape) in the sky above. It was very high up - in the end I woke up when I was blasting towards it and ended up missing the center of the funnel-thing.

Just before that, I was on this level where I really thought at the time was some sort of paradise - or some kind of place where everyone was happy. There were clouds, and it looked like a college campus with people sitting on wooden benches. The scene overlooked this cliff where off of it you could see a beautiful view of mountains and clouds. I took about 15 seconds of my LD, from what I remember, just to gaze in-awe of that magnificent view!

~Well~ I definitely want another LD like that one!

Edit: Sorry, I just realized it wasn’t so much “Space Related”, however I feel it was somewhat relevant, being “Outside” of Earth. :razz:

I’ve only had a few LD’s but I do try to head into outer space if I can. I had one LD in which I simply sat in nothingness surrounded by stars and then watched a battle between some of my more extreme dream characters in the void. That was pretty neat.