Is Astral Dreams Real/Fake? Experiments

Not really sure between the worlds of AP’s and LD’s.Has anyone experienced to the answer of this question?

Is Astral Projection when you really project yourself out of your body in real life or just a vivid ld?

And can someone link me onto how to AP?I’ve been trying to find it but i can’t seem to find much luck.I think form one method i’ve heard is that to AP ,before you are about to lose consciousness,you should imagine your body rolling over and that way,you are in AP?



I wouldn’t know, all I can do is suggest you try and get a connection to the spiritual beforehand. Go to a church, try meditation, sit around a fireplace surrounded by dark scary forests, listen to the animals scream… Im sure there is one experience that is so different it would put you in a suitable mindset for this.

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Thanks for saying so,except idk what would make me scared to do so.

Most likely you not wanting to leave a comfortable space at a most unpleasant time of day… Well if the adventure of the unknown is not for you then try what you -know- or just try to source a story from more adventurous minds. But don’t expect this life to give you any statisfying results if you willingly stay in your meatfarm

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Can’t prove it to you with anything but my word, yet I’ve experienced astral projection or otherwise known as the OBE. It involved leaving your body behind in spirit during a sleep paralysis experience. They are real in my eyes because I know what I’ve seen. No one will change my view but you can believe as you wish it. :slight_smile:

Experiences are not always going to be pleasant. That’s a head’s up. Don’t think it’s always perfect. It is what it is. Depending on how you treat your mind you can make your dreams more positive or negative. I’d say promote within yourself a positive mood if you are focusing on doing this. It’ll help with nightmares.

Thanks a lot! Ill denfinitely try this in a positive mindset :slightly_smiling_face:

Im going to need help, my method for AP;ing works about 20% of the time, any of you have a good way to AP? I heard of imagining yourslef rolling off your body will help?