is flying easy?

Lately I have been pondering about the possibility that people who find it very hard to fly in dreams are scared of heights.

Please tell me if you find it easy but you are also scared of heights/falling down.

Most people that ask me how to fly and say that they find it hard it’s because they fall down as soon as they try to start flying.

Maybe it would be a good idea to face this fear.

In the end its only as hard as you make it.
I’ve been a lucid dreaming well over half my lifetime and still have a little trouble with flight from time to time. Sad but true…

It’s hard for me to fly in dreams, and I’m scared of heights, so, there might be something behind that, tggtt.

I don’t find it easy at all. The only time I flied in a dream was unvolontary, and not lucid.
The thing is I cannot just lift of the ground, even in LDs. I think it doesn’t make sense for my brain.
Next time, I want to try skydiving to start flying, it might be more effective.

Ima free spirit so i just jump out the window

Well, I’ve never tried to fly in a lucid dream, (because I’ve only had one and it only lasted a few seconds) and I’m not sure if this counts, but I have flown effortlessly several times in normal dreams. And I’m afraid of falling.

Thank you very much LotusFlowerBomb and Doubt.

That wasn’t a hypothesis that I was expecting to be real, but there’s no counterexample yet.

In NDs we may be absent minded and do crazy things without pondering about them.
And also, we may feel powerful and without any fear in some dreams, so there could be counterexamples to my thought.

Well I do have mixed feeling about height and falling.

When it comes to flying in dreams I have no problems at all. I can fly however I want. Even the earliest dreams that I do remember is about flying. I’ve always loved it and I almost always fly in my lucid dreams.

But there is another part of the story. In waking life I have a plan to skydive and such things to do as much I will be able. Of course I do have some healthy fear, I guess. Tall buildings never caused any problem and neither sitting on the edge of them didn’t made me feel fear. Here’s the significant: BUT in non lucid dreams I would from time to time dream that I am climbing a mountain or a ladder and magically the mountain or the ladder would tilt clockwise and I would be hanging only on my hands holding barely, causing me to feel panic, fear of falling which I don’t really like.

But in lucid dreams I can’t feel, or at least I didn’t felt greater freedom then when I’m flying… :content:

Flying for me has become easy. I got a little bored of it, because I could not fly as fast, and as high as I wanted (moving upwards seemed to be a problem for me). and I did it in almost every LD. I experimented with a few different ways of flying, to see if they could solve my issues, and make flying fun for me again.

Recently I learned how to grow wings and now I fly with them all the time. I don’t rely on them totally for flying, but I use them as sort of an add-on, to help control it a little better. Moving upwards definitely isn’t a problem anymore. :smile: As for fun? YES!

It was easy for me right from the first LD. In fact I spontaneously started flying and then
realized that it is LD as you cannot fly in RL.

Flying is as easy as simply thinking, “i think i’ll fly right now”.

And fun? Ohhhhhh yeah!

When I can’t fly I just jump off a large building or cliff. I use the momentum I gain downwards and redirect it.

Like I said earlier, perhaps people who find it hard to fly are also scared of heights.
I don’t think that someone who is scared of heights would like to try your technique, still, thanks for the suggestion.

This is actually how I do my pseudo-flying in dreams. Despite my fear of heights, I have no problem with them in dreams. It doesn’t end up well, usually (me clumsily swooping around and staying low), but it works. Ironically enough, the one time I was scared of heights in a dream was in an ND where I could fly, which did hamper my ability to fly, which is probably relevant to the discussion.

NO. Flying is too easy for me, in fact I have the difficulty of keeping grounded…
So perhaps, as strange as it seems, you guys who have difficulty in flying, may in fact be more grounded in real life, which is a good thing really. And I’m envious of that.

There is some truth to the fact that I fly by the seat of my pants, literally. I think it really carries over to the dream state too.

Definitely have trouble with flying. Gaining altitude is very hard, especially when you get excited when you get high.

I’m in the other camp. Used to have a really bad fear of heights and have always been pretty awful at flying. Nowadays I’m more or less okay, but on average it’s still one of the more difficult things for me to do in dreams. The only things I can think of that are harder are any kind of “violent” expressions of dream control. Energy blasts or forcing my will on dream characters, things like that.

My problem was kind of like that. It was getting off of the ground that gave me trouble. If I was in a position where I could start off in the air (jumping off of something, for example) I could at least glide, but if I started on the ground the best I could do was a kind of semi-weightless bounding jump. When I could get off of the ground, I’d sometimes reach some kind of invisible altitude limit, where I would lose speed and start getting lower after reaching a certain height - though that wasn’t as common.

I slowly got over my fear as I got older, and got better at flying as time went on, but I can’t be sure if those two things were connected. I’d been getting creative with takeoff in dreams for a couple years - using gusts of air to push me upward (thankfully I grew up in the middle of the desert. Being shoved around by wind was a very familiar feeling), shapeshifting into a bird (changing shapes in dreams has always been effortless for me) or walking/sliding up imaginary stairs or ramps. It might have just been a matter of practice, or maybe my practice in dreams helped my fear of heights. Wasn’t really paying attention to it as it happened, so I can’t say with confidence.

Easy - no. Fun - yes.

I have problems with speed. Anything that I deem ‘fast’ has the dream dissolving and me waking up. Which means I’m a very slow flyer. It would be quicker for me to walk! :tongue:

I love walking off tall buildings (after doing a reality check!). I just float down slowly to the ground. Brilliant.

Everyone says that moving fast in a lucid dream makes it unstable. That makes me sad. Flying is relatively easy for me. I either jump high and choose to not fall down or make myself weightless. Being weightless feels easier, although easier doesn’t mean more fun. Finding new ways to do things is fun. For me lucid dreams are about new experiences. If I could just get more LDs :happy:

Flying high and fast was a progressive aptitude for me.
At first I started gliding on floors in RD. Then I flew few cm above ground. And so on until I reached the edge of universe, and then dived back at the core of the earth searching for my wife, all these in RD.
Flying or diving easy, all the same!
Then in LD I managed to fly at will with no hesitation or uncertainty.
Blasting myself like a rocket, but much, much faster.
The absolute speed is to be there.
I almost suspect now the we all have the natural ability to fly here and in the hereafter plane, if we only choose to do so.
Perhaps, as if we live on an exile plane, LD flying might be a remembrance of our real birthright…
So I ask you if you have a similar intuitive hunch??? :fly: