Is it bad to do WBTB every night for a long time?

I did my first WBTB today with great success, I’m thinking about doing it almost every night (even on weekdays by doing to bed earlier) and just wanted to know if its healthy or if there is anything else I should know.

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hello and welcome :smile:

If I’m not wrong there’s nothing wrong with doind WBTB every night, as long as you don’t lose sleep because of it. If you end up getting the same hours of sleep, that’s ok.

I usually only do it on weekends, when I have to get up early I’d just lose sleep :sad: But if you’re able to do it, I say enjoy! :tongue:

Thanks for the reply :smile: I’m probably gonna do it then and if i feel tired during the day even while getting enough sleep I’m just gonna stop.

But, it could also alter your sleep cycle so it stops working like it used to…
Or it may not. Give it a go and see how well it works!

Yeah, I think it will affect your sleep cycle, so you might want to do it like every other day, or something.

I don’t do WBTB everyday (I just do it Friday and Saturday, or when I wake up early in the morning anyway :smile: ) becouse I have to go to school, and I think I would do it nearly every day but the thing is: when I WBTB I wake up right from a dream BUT I don’t know if I wake up at 3 PM or 5 PM or 6 PM, and it works the best when I go to bed around 10 PM and wake up at 5 PM. So that’s a problem for me, but I guess practice will make it better :tongue:

Well, you are 16, and you go to school.
WBTB would alter your sleep cycle.

Cause, WBTB works best after 5 hours of sleep.
And then you have to stay up for about 30 minutes or so, and go back to bed.
Then you also must have some time to sleep again.

So, if you want to do WBTB, you can’t go to bed late at night.
You will have to go to bed earlier.

You won’t be tired after WBTB.Well, not more than usual, cause you have to wake up early in the morning anyway.

I go to bed kinda early anyway, an hour earlier wont be a problem (i like too much sleep^^)

But i don’t think i will do it everyday, did it tonight with no LD :sad: And I’m kinda lazy and don’t wanna mess up my sleep cycle so I think I’m gonna do it on weekdays sometime but not every day.

You can experiment with something simpler. Wake up after 5-6 hours or whatever, and instead of doing a whole WBTB, simply open your eyes a bit and lie there until they aren’t closing back on their own. Who knows, perhaps just a little wakefulness might help? I’ve done this a few times but didn’t really record my results :tongue:

I guess that could be better then doing nothing. I once set my alarmclock to ring after 5-6hrs then i just turned it off and went back to sleep. It just took extra long time to fall back to sleep and i dont remember if i dreamed or not after it :sad:

Provided you can go back to sleep without too much hassle, it is fine. The idea behind WBTB is that it doesn’t deprive you of sleep - IE, you return to your sleep just where you left of - So your net sleeping time is equal to the same continuous sleep time.

Going to sleep at 10:30 waking up at 4:30 is the MOST ideal for EVERYONE. I usually don’t have a generic statement, but it is all about cultivating your inner circadium rhythm. The sunrise used to be our natural alarm clock. If you perform a WBTB on this schedule it will tremendously increase your success/failure ratio. As one said already, WBTB works best after 5-6 hours of sleep beforehand. You have a natural inner clock, which needs to be nurtured. LDs are all natural as we know. No outside source or “drug” required. This being so, if the human body reached its pinnacle of health, who knows what could be possible! I will be starting a thread on this very topic. Which i believe should/could be the biggest breakthrough for Lucid Dreamers. I hope so. Besides the lucid applications there will finally be the tie between dreams and waking life. It is scientifically documented that ill/depressed people have different dream recall. You should pat yourself on the back as a successful lucid dreamer. You are actually healthier, on a waking life health level.

Also, to add, waking up around 6-6:30 and trying to go back to sleep sucks because the sun is shining right down on you. (I just happen to naturally wake up about 5-6 hours into my sleep every night and fall back to sleep after lying awake for a little while and happen to have a window that the sun just sits in front of)

I don’t think it’s bad. But your body does need a regenerative state before attempting any lucidity. What better way to start your day.

Oh yeah, I enjoy it, I just hate that sunshine on my way back to sleep.

I found it bad at first too,
But then again,
We all wake up at night, we just don’t remember it - we go back to sleep almost immediatly.

I think that if you’ll stay in bed, eyes closed, awake - it will do the trick.
Worth trying.

I did in the summer WBTB few times and it harmed my DR .

Waking Back to Bed (WBTB) along with Waking Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) can make for a powerful combination. In addition to Lucid Living during your waking hours.