Is it just me or is DV down?

I hic wuzz gunna…hic 'brrring a belch keg…
Seem’ter lost it sommmwer… :thud:

I’ll bring me!

No Party can start without atleast one of me anyway! (More than two or three of me and the cops get called and that’s the end of the party. So moderation is key…)

calls out into the air There’s no rush, ice, take your time.

I’m so glad we’re able to chill here in the meantime :happy:

And kim, don’t leave yourself behind. I’ll be counting heads when our party gets started.

DV’s back online! Let the party begin!

LD4All, don’t worry, I’ll be back on a regular basis!

I go there and it tells me this:
If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Apache web server software on this system was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.


Seeing this instead of the website you expected?
This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this web server. Please contact the person responsible for maintaining this server with questions. The Apache Software Foundation, which wrote the web server software this site administrator is using, has nothing to do with maintaining this site and cannot help resolve configuration issues.

The Apache documentation has been included with this distribution.

You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. Thanks for using Apache![/color]

so go there and check it out, thats all you have to do, just use this link and tell me what happens:

It seems to be loading fine for me. Perhaps you attempted to visit the site while it was temporarily down. Or, you have your own Apache server running and for whatever reason the Dreamviews URL is being redirected to localhost (the former is a much more likely possibility).

Is it still causing problems for you?

its still there, I didn’t download an Apache surver, I think I’ll get on in studyhall monday and contact Icedawg.

It may be that you need to refresh the page, and the error message could be loading from cache. Try to load the site again, and hit Control+F5 when you see the Apache message. Could just be a browser issue.

Oh no, I know exactly what is going on. You were correct about the URL being redirected to the localhost, Atheist. What you have, my friend, is a nice piece of spyware. My sister somehow contracted the exact same thing. Certain URLs that you type in will now be redirected to the localhost, to the HTML pages that the spyware company wants you to see. I don’t remember if you can remove this from the Control Panel, or from the start menu (using an uninstall application). If not, download a spyware remover. You can download one from Microsoft (still a beta and not real great), or, or many other great places. I hope this helps. If not, post again, and I have a few more suggestions. :smile:

Dreamviews showed up alright for me.

it worked!!, you rock, thanx :smile:

I think that might have been around the time Icedawg installed the new theme. Some people had problems, but almost all problems were solved by deleting temp. files and on some occasions, cookies. Thanks everyone for your patience.

It doesn’t seem to be loading on my browser. Whether i use IE or firefox…

It seems the new chat is the thing causing the problems after all. =/ (Didn’t Ice say it was back to see if things would run okay?)

We need the old one back I think.

Anyway, hello LD4ALL. My god you’re looking healthy. Have you lost weight? I must say, I like those shoes.

…hehe…so, I well, kinda promised I’d keep checking here on a regular basis. And I kinda forgot to after a while. Forgive me?

Anyway, DV’s not working and I’m stuck here with nothing to do for two and a half more hours, so I’m going to bounce around a bit.

erm, DV seems to have gone down again…it keeps coming up with a debug error. Is Ice doing something?
It went down last night.

DV is temporarily unavailable :sad:

Come back!

It’s annoying… i go for ages with crap recall, then i have two brilliant dreams. Go to write them in DV, and its unvailable. Anyone have any ideas when it’s going to be back up?

Well, I just went back today and it said the site should be up some time today.

Since the last time that DV had trouble … LD4all has brought in a new chatspeak rule. It wouldn’t be fair if DV members were allowed to chatspeak in this topic … so any chatspeak posts will be removed.
Remember we also have the playground forum for fun posts :yay: