Is it just me or is DV down?

…hehe…so, I well, kinda promised I’d keep checking here on a regular basis. And I kinda forgot to after a while. Forgive me?

Anyway, DV’s not working and I’m stuck here with nothing to do for two and a half more hours, so I’m going to bounce around a bit.

erm, DV seems to have gone down again…it keeps coming up with a debug error. Is Ice doing something?
It went down last night.

DV is temporarily unavailable :sad:

Come back!

It’s annoying… i go for ages with crap recall, then i have two brilliant dreams. Go to write them in DV, and its unvailable. Anyone have any ideas when it’s going to be back up?

Well, I just went back today and it said the site should be up some time today.

Since the last time that DV had trouble … LD4all has brought in a new chatspeak rule. It wouldn’t be fair if DV members were allowed to chatspeak in this topic … so any chatspeak posts will be removed.
Remember we also have the playground forum for fun posts :yay:

Hey everyone,

I’m honestly not trying to advertise another lucid dream forum, but I’m sure many of you frequent other LD forums…so I’m wondering if any of you have noticed that the Dream Views website is down? I keep getting an error.


Yes I’m aware of it, I actually might enjoy staying here for awhile. This is my back up account if dreamviews gets shut down, I guess I’ll right my journal entrys in notepad for the time being.

I don’t visit that site often, but now that you mention it, I too get an error message :eh:
Hope it comes back online soon…

Aww, hope they fix it soon! ld4all is great, but so is variation :wink:

Read a pretty interesting story of an guy who had two shadows in the ‘Beyond Dreaming’ (ld4all ripoff? :tongue: ) sub-forum.

He even talked to a therapist about it, and she/he could confirm the condition. I think he wasn’t telling the truth, but I don’t know, maybe he was :tongue:

Too bad it’s down :neutral:

As far as i can see DV is back up now

What the hell is going on in Dream Views? Moogle just pointed it out to me… Apparently, the moderators’ accounts were hacked, normalised, and have been spamming “. . .” posts all around. :bored: I see one of its moderators, ExoByte just joined LD4all; I’m sending him a PM. Anyone has any idea of what’s going on?

I don’t even have an account there so I don’t know. Does this mean DV would have to re-start their forum?

Well I have no idea! This is very serious, Asher will probably have to lock the whole forum and sort things out — that is, if he wasn’t himself hacked too. =/ Wow, man, it’s so sad to see this kind of thing happening so a board which is almost sister to LD4all! You kind of realise: “dude, this could be happening to us instead of them!”

Maybe they might come here for hospitality while theirs are getting fixed.

Maybe it’s the hacker.

/me points out the fact that Exo’s signature is “. . .”

He still hasn’t replied to my PM :meh:

:bored: :nuu: :nuu: :nuu:

Ah well :smile: since they’ve (finally) made it official there, I suppose we should clear things up here too.

our staff better not be doing some BS like that

Best. Day. Ever. :cool: