is it possible to sleep in a LD

hey guys just wondering is it posible to sleep in a LD???

Of course it is. Once I felt very tired after FA. I noticed that I was lucid, and decided to just sleep, but it isn’t much. You basically just skip the REM cycle and you start seeing another dream when the next REM starts. (At least in my case!)

I had a good night sleep that night! :happy:

jajajajajaja that means you double sleeped that night or you simply slept???

That would be similar to waking up in WL.

What happens when you close your eyes for an extended period?

I noticed that I was lucid, and decided to just sleep
Wow you use your LD for sleeping??? I can believe that you missed that kind of chance!!!

I can confirm it, except i decided to sleep in a lucid dream to see what would happen.

It is possible but why would you want to do that? It’s not hard really but you risk having a FA. I once tried WILD in a LD, it was fun :tongue: But then i ended up in another dream.

Nice triple post…

I slept because I was tired. Of course I regret it, but I don’t really care. There will be many more LD’s to come. Oh and I just slept one REM cycle on that night. All my other REM’s were LDs too.