Is lucid a sin?-Part II

You’d have to die to get to heaven because even Jesus said it’s a place - He said it has many mansions. So the way I see it is that it isn’t a state of mind at all.

Who actually said that? Not me. Jesus said thinking about a woman was the same as adultery. So he made a rule about thinking which might include lucid dreaming when it involves sex. Unless the fact that it’s not really a woman, you’re thinking about sex with a thought process!

I didn’t know I had to support my point for you to start swearing.

I had some experiences with God which you haven’t had. Can that be
more clear, then?

He’s God, He is love, so He created people to love Him and for Him to love them. No big power trip at all. He can fairly judge people because He is love, He knows all about me and you and our intentions. He can read the heart.

He doesn’t tell you to go to hell. I go to hell if I choose to stay away from Him. Easy.

God gave us free will. Freedom to choose Him or reject Him. People who don’t know Him, but are still essentially good will go to purgatory, I believe.
No, people are neither good or evil at birth. They choose during their life.

First of all swearing does not help your point. The Bible is written in various formats. There are literal accounts and there is even fictional stories (Susanna for instance). There are parts which are very much to be taken literally eg. when Jesus said ‘this is my body’. He never said it of a rock but He said it about the Eucharist. There are other parts which are symbolic.
Genesis is written using a Jewish style of writing which basically shows us what God plans to create, not the actual order and time taken. I do know that. And the message of Genesis is that God loves us and that’s why He created us. YES I KNOW THAT.

I don’t need to be there when the world was created. I’ve experienced God and His love for me, me a sinner with weaknesses.

Note: I think we’ve gone very much off topic now. I’m really sorry that this happened. I think we all understand that different people on the board will have different viewpoints on life especially these matters. So we cannot expect everyone to reason in the same way like ourselves but we should respect them instead.

I spoke with a priest on the subject of sin and LD’s. It seems that my thought, or my original one at least, that in an LD masturbation and sex are the equivalent of bad thoughts was correct i.e. they are sinful thoughts and of course should I do them in an LD (I will try not to!) I will need to go to confession.

It took me some time to explain what LD’s were, but I managed to explain it pretty well that he was able to understand it.

Just to be sure that nobody misunderstands - I’m not saying ALL LD’s are sins. I’m saying what you do within an LD can be the equivalent of a conscious thought - so if you ‘do’ something which would be sinful, then that’s a sinful thought…

Just remember, the word/opinion of a priest doesn’t mean it’s the word/opinion of God. The priest is just another man. A lot of things you have to decide for yourself. Priests may be good as guides, but they can still be wrong. I don’t see how sex in an LD could be considered bad. Oh well. :smile:

LDs themselves aren’t sin, it’s just like any other dream except you know you’re dreaming. And dreams aren’t evil, I don’t think.

What you DO in the dream is another thing entirely. Would God see it as just a though, or an action? I don’t know, and it’s best you decide that for yourself. If you’re worried about it, just play safe. There are plenty of non-sinful things to do in LDs.

This topic has a lot of posts about God existing or whatever, take that to another topic. If you don’t believe in God, you have no advice to give in this situation.

Only actually doing bad things for real is a sin! Whatever these ‘bad things’ are… BUT: bad thoughts are not sins… bad dreams are not sins… doing bad things in LDs is not a sin…
And if these priests don’t agree with me, they can all kiss my… ahem

Seriously Clark, would you really go to confession for having sex in your dreams?
Imagine it, you go to confession and the priest says:
“What are your sins, child?”
And you say:
“I had sex in my lucid dreams!”
And the priest goes:
“In your what?”

No way… even if I go to confession I wouldn’t mention sex in LDs cause it’s not a sin and it’s none of their business!

Normal bad dreams are not sins because you don’t control them…
If you control a dream, your consciousness is active, then the matter is different in my opinion.

I was only talking about myself. I never said anything about forcing anyone to do or think anything.

Of course I would. And he would know what they are, because I explained in detail about them.

You’re right that it’s your business what you do and what you mention. Like it’s my business what I do and what I mention, when I go to confession.

Minako - don’t feel offended. My post/s on this topic were
not intended to be ‘forcing’ anyone.

I am only think of myself in this respect.

Clarkent, maybe this goes off topic a bit, but wouldn’t you feel controlled by having to go and confess for something you did in a dream that quite frankly is the one of the farthest things from ‘sinful’ there could be? (I’m talking about dream sex by the way.)

… ClakKent! I wasn’t talking about you! I was talking about the stupid priests! The only part that was ment for you, was where I asked you if you’d really go to a confession for having sex in your dreams. And I’m not offended or angry with you! Cause this isn’t about you anyway. You go to a confession if you want to, I won’t!
I think all the priests around here would say the same thing like your priest said. I don’t at all agree with them! I don’t even think sex in RL is a sin, why would it be anyway? So sex in my dreams or anythign else I do in my dream, lucid or not, is not a sin! I don’t care even if the pope says it is… I think this is all stupid!
I know you’re just expressing your opinion, Clark, so am I!

No, it would be my choice. I would check my conscience.

Oh this is difficult to explain, but I’ll do my best. . .
Ok now what I was trying to say is that god cannot fairly judge you based on this free will you have. Free will lets you choose for yourself, and your decisions must be based on something. They can be based on your past life experiences. Or, they could be completely random. But bottom line, there is a force behind the decision. IN general, the way one acts can pretty much be blamed on genetics and everything in life up to that point. We KNOW that genetics can make you a nice person, or a trouble maker, or whatever. AND we know that kids who grow up in a stable home with good parents, and an ok social life don’t go on shooting rampages.

If you don’t believe this, then fine. What does cause you to makea certain decision? The only other ways are that you choose completely randomly, or you were simply born with a predisposition to make such decisions (born good or evil). So, god can A. Judge you based on your past life experiences and genetics, both of which you did not control. Or, he can B. make you born good or evil. Over this you have no control. Either way, you’re not REALLY making your own decisions

I will probalby seem an asshole for this, but those who do not speak their mind for fear of ridicule are pathetic. if you’re gonna argue this, please give an actual argument and not just meaningless filler like “we have souls and god loves us so we can make our own decisions”. That sounds pretty an all, but does not address what I’ve said, just mentions some nice sounding things about god and love. Thats what I find most christians do when defending their faith. “Oh I know god is real becaus I feel him in my heart” that is about the most vague and meaningless sentence I’ve ever heard, and I hear it quiet a bit. just reply with a logical argument, I’m sure as hell not saying you can’t include god in that argument and stuff, but please have what you say mean something.

Clarkkent - I really hope you sit down and do some serious thinking. It seems as though you (like many, many other people) simply accept what they were tought by their parents and church as fact, and don’t question it at all. And I know that is not easy to do, these things are ingrained deep in your brain, and it’s hard to even consider they might not be correct. If you were to do this, and you still thought that god is the most logical explanation. . .then thats fine. But I don’t think you have, you have just accepted it without question.

Oh and by the way, cursing is not a sin. so eat me.

Like all this talk of “past lives” that you seem to regard as fact? :bored:

Everyone has their beliefs and ultimately none of these beliefs can be proven, no matter what they are. Someone believing in Jesus is no more less logical than you believing in past lives. Everyone at some point has to make a blind leap of faith and place their whole belief system on a foundation that could be dubious. So really, the only question is “Does your belief system serve you?” If so, great; if not, change it. But don’t judge another’s beliefs because you don’t agree with them, even if they seem illogical… because ultimately, yours are too.

mike, I don’t simply accept what I was thought - I questioned it all, researched it, had various personal spiritual experiences with God and made my decision as I suppose you must have chosen yours. I have seen things which were out of the world which includes phenomena such as smelling of roses during prayer (when there are no roses), experiencing God’s love for me, multiplication of things such as cassettes used for religious recordings, broken things simply mending themselves, even finding rose petals out of nowhere in my car or house… What else do I need, really?

I could do like you tend do and simply judge you, but that’s not helpful to anyone, is it?

Yes, God is the logical explanation to me. Let’s just respect our different choices and try to LD instead… :smile:

There are many beliefs.
My opinion here is that I disagree with some beliefs, maybe I think some are dangerous to the individual’s health or well-being. But should I post on that subject, I think I won’t really induce the individual to act differently and I would be ignored. It might be somebody posting about taking drugs to induce an LD etc. I am leaving that kind of posting to others, plus there are warnings on the internet.
I tend to simply post things which can be helpful, to someone, even if that someone might be simply myself. If you don’t agree, that’s fine (especially with regards to faith which is not something everybody sees in the same way).
These are choices which we make. I say we should respect them even if we see them as different from our own. There is some good in everyone and this is what we should see.

past lives, what the hell. . . I don’t believe in past lives, what the anus are you talkinga bout? did you confuse me with somebody else?

I refuse to try certain things in LDs not because
there may be a God with a list of rules, but because my heart
and mind guide me in what is healthy, good and right.

Some Thoughts on the larger issue:
When I first started experiencing LDs, It was like a
great revelation. I felt like I was coming face to face
with the POWER OF THE MIND. I became aware how the
mind can create a virtual world that can seem real.
(I guess I should have known that, having experienced
normal dreams like everyone else, but unconscious dreaming
usually seems like a vague experience, buffered by
varying degree of recall.)
So, now I had a possible explaination for NDEs, OBEs,
religious experience type “visions”, paranormal experiences,
probably even UFO abductee stories, etc.
When you couple the POWER OF THE MIND with a strong
willingness to believe in something, the reality of that something is
immediately suspect.

I think the only logical approach to the possibility
of a spiritual dimension to our existence is
Look at the big picture: myriads of cultures around
the world since recorded history, each with their own
religious beliefs, each claiming to be the one true
way. Follow these rules, and you will be blessed!
And yet good things happen to bad people and horrible
things happen to good people. Hard to believe there’s
a God that concerns himself with the affairs of
What IS interesting is that this time-spanning world-wide
persistent preoccupation with religion exists. Some argue this
is the spiritual world yearning to be expressed and understood.
But, we humans have a strong willingness to believe that death is
not the end of our existence. In legal terms, we’re not a very
reliable witness; we have an agenda.
So, not having had a religious epiphany lately, I can only
conclude the existence of God is doubtful, but not impossible.
I remain a hopeful agnostic until further evidence presents itself.

Ok here is one thing that i never do in a lucid dream…
tell a joke thats so good that it kills a dc because of an overload of laughs!
I mean iam cruel but not that cruel :grin:


Bwhahahahaha! You crack me up! LOL! And you’re killing me! Just kidding. :wink:

I don’t think doing anything LD is a sin… what I mean is that it’s your own subconsciousness and sometimes you want to do something in order to express your feelings. I have been doing that lately to express my feelings that i am unable to share IRL. Am I making any senses?