Is lucid dreaming for me? (nightmarish tiring dreams)

I’m sorry if this post is not where it’s supposed to be or something like that, it’s my first post so please abide with me. :smile:
Normally when I get a lot of sleep (8 hours or so), I get these strange dreams. I wouldn’t really call them nightmares since normally they aren’t that scary, but they are a real liability for me. The dreams normally involve something that I really must do, like yesterday, (examples: hiding from the zombies while running around to find a way burn their high quarters so that I win, trying to save the life of a dying bird etc.) During the dreams I make pretty much conscious decisions while trying to figure out how to “win” (and I remember everything clearly afterwards).
The problem with these dreams is that while everything always ends well, I can’t wake up until it does because I’m so buzy with the “task” and when I finally wake up, I’m completely mentally exhausted. It’s as if I really have been running around all night fighting a one-man war against the zombies. This results in me trying to oppress my dreams and sleep less, which really doesn’t seem like a good solution.
Now my question is, do you think learning lucid dreaming could help me get rid of the dreaming exhaustion and how should I go about it?

I think it can be an excelent solution for that, because in lucid dreaming it’s actually important to learn to take things slow to keep you from waking or destabelizing the dream. Also you already seem to have good recall and know your dream signs so becoming lucid should well be in reach as well.

In my opinion, Lucid dreams are for everybody. They can be used to solve nightmares by asking the attacker (The SC) why there attacking you and who they are and if they answer the questions, well then, nightmares solved.

Just imagine it. You have to save a dying bird. You realize you are dreaming. You have new choices. Either you realize that the bird is not real and you don’t have to do anything because it will just disappear anyway when you wake up. Or, you use your dream powers to heal the bird in one second, thus resolving the situation without having to run around.

There is however a risk of you using lucid dreams to ease the symptoms of what may be a more general problem. If you are having anxiety dreams, you should ask why. And reducing anxiety in waking life would reduce the amount of anxiety dreams.

Luckily, the practise of lucid dream induction very often involves meditation which has the added bonus of reducing anxiety. And if you are meditating to reduce anxiety, you may as well take a stab at lucid dreaming because sometimes lucid dreams come simply from that.

I say try it! If you gain control of your dream, you won’t have to “win” anymore, just have fun!! :happy: