Is my first ld even an Ld?

Hi , today I had my first ld :happy:D:D:D I think…

Anyways , I started dreaming , and suddenly popped up in a map of a game… (cs 1.6 de_dust2) And I Knew it was a dream , I said to my self " this is a dream " And I did an RC (Hold my nose) And I noticed that I was still breathing , and I started rubbing my hands to increase my consiousness

ANyways , Im not even sure if it really was a dream because it seemed weird… I had to try really hard for things to happen etc…

First of all , when I came there , I noticed dogs and bears running to me , trying to kill me xD , Then I started shooting laser at them.

I escaped and started swimming in a vent and ended up in a jail where a bear and a dog was in xD

Anyways thats when I started talking to my brother (In real life in dream)

So I dremt that I dremt… basically…

anyways I started talking to my brother and thought it was reality… so in one dream I was lucid but in the “irl” dream I was not. I was talking to my brother and saying that I was being chased by dogs and had my first lucid… like if it was reality.

So I was lucid in one dream and not whatsoever in the other one…

please tell me if this is a real ld…

(This all happened without any effort… I just woke up 2 mins at 9.30 am , and slept again untill 11am…)

I think that its not a LD at all… You wouldn’t fight that dog really… you would just make it dissapear… And fly away or do something. No1 would waste a LD on fighting a dog.

What I think happened is that you lost your lucidity somewhere… Try not to rub your hands next time… Maybe its ruining your lucidity.

Thanks for quick reply!

Anyways , I would like to say some more details , I do believe it was an ld , atleast a part of it … I do agree I might of lost my ld somewhere , that is true but when I first popped up in the dream , I noticed it was a dream , and I tried to shoot a laser but only some kind of a stone popped up and I threw it at someone for fun :happy:

Then I started to run… it was a bit weird because I dremt that I was awake talking to my brother about this Lucid dream I was having at the very moment it was happening , like my eyes were closed and I was telling him im throwing stones at a dog etc.

I do remember I tried to fly but didnt succeed. Then after a while of trying I did fly…

I didnt have much controll of the dream really. But I had a low level of lucidity I think

Ive heard that when you are in a dream you should rub your hands to get lucidity , and do an rc , I did both , is that wrong?

RCs will verify that you are dreaming. Rubbing your hands does ground you into the dream.
Using commands is also very helpful (eg “more lucidity” “lucid times 100” whatever feels right to you).

For a first LD you did well, quite a few dreamers wake up within moments the first time they experience lucidity.

It probably was an LD, and given by the description, it most likely was your first for sure. Until you gain a LOT of practice (I haven’t got enough, yet, but I’ve seen some improvements) your emotions will tend to take control of the dream and pull your lucidity away. You get hyper and either wake up or slip back into the control of the dream. The LD I had before the one I had yesterday lasted seconds before I was pulled into the plot and lost control. Of course when I woke up I knew for sure I had been dreaming and I couldn’t stand the fact that I lost it.

Okay people , thanks for replying , thank you all , my question has been answered :happy:

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I know you’re question was answered, but I really want to stress one thing. If you at any point realize that you were dreaming (i.e. thought “hey, this is a dream”) it was a lucid dream. In fact, that is the definition of a lucid dream. Not all LD’s will have the same amount of lucidity. In some you’ll have full control, in others you might just go along with what is happening and have little influence over it all. Low lucids often make you wonder if it actually was an LD, but if you had the thought that it was a dream and you verified it with an RC, you were lucid.

Oh, and the best way to catch false awakenings is to practice doing a RC every time you wake up.

Rhewin is correct. It was a lucid dream, but you were’t very lucid.