is that HI or something ?

I dont think this is the right topic to post this kind of questions but meh, idk.

I know nothing about HIs , it may be one, idk.

Let’s say you dream about someone’s face and wake up. As you wake up, your dream fades but you realise the face you dreamed about fades into a poster in your room that has a pretty similar face. Stupid french origins ! i dont know how to say it ! :grrr:

Like, you dream of something, and when you wake up, you see that that something is toke from something in real life.
If you get what i mean, did it happen to you ? It’s pretty weird and some of my friends had the same experience.

Yes, it happens to me many times. Real life triggers my dream memories the most (I’m talking about a month ago, when my DR was not ruined).

This is not HI. HI is hypnagogic imagery. Hypnagogia is a state BEFORE sleep and dreams. Its purpose is to hypnotize you and make dreams for you ‘rational’, while they are not even close to rational. Now, HI’s are the images you see when you’re in your bed for lets say half an hour, but can’t fall asleep. Some people say that they don’t have them at all, while I get them the minute I close my eyes. So, it varies from person to person.

Hope you understood me.

Thanks man :happy:

I don’t think I see HI’s in bed… but i’m not sure. I’ll see tonight !
Again, thanks for explaining all this to me :smile:

Some people get HI easier, like Beat Doctor :tongue: I get them sometimes, during the morning, so it can be random…

About your experience, I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Maybe you mean simply when your SC get’s inspired by something in the waking world to create something in the dream world. I have the feeling you’re talking about something else, which I’ve experienced.

I’ve only had this while in SP, kinda. What happens is I’m in SP (whether I’m fully aware of this or not) and I see an image, a dream basicly (could even be HI, depending…). Anyway, what happens is I’m in SP and I open my physical eyes a bit. I see my room but my “dream mind” interprets this in a different way so I see something else. One time I saw a man wearing glasses. As the SP faded and I woke up completely I realized what I’d been looking at that looked like a man was actually my wardrobe with a backpack on top :confused: Are you talking about this? :tongue: because it’s really weird! :lol: