Is this a WILD?!

Last night i went to bed at 01:04 and decided that i’d try to do a WILD just for the fun of it (i didn’t think that it would work), but then i heard a loud clicking noise like someone was banging two wooden sticks together right in front of my face. I also started seeing some colors flying around and i felt kinda weird in my stomach, my heart started beating more rapidly and my breathing got faster. For some reason i tensed up, but i don’t think that happened cuz when i later opened my eyes i didn’t feel any tenser and i hadn’t moved a bit in that time. I think the tensing up thing was all in my imagination because it felt like my upper body was rising up from the bed but when i opened my eyes i hadn’t moved a single bit. I’m not sure if those were hypnagogic hallucinations or just me being exited or something. And also all those things happened almost instantly when i closed my eyes. I really need some clarification if i should try doing WILDs in the evening more often or if i should just stick to using WBTB. Also i have had some problems when i’m trying to do WBTB i often wake up 4 times after that for no apparent reason, is that because the dreams are ending or is there just something wrong with me? :eek: :confused: :eh:

A WILD is when you actually enter a lucid dream directly from being awake. You were probably on your way. [Disclaimer I don’t WILD myself]

You are more likely to be successful if you try WILD later in the sleep cycles. So after WBTB or natural awakenings is better than doing it on going to bed.

Sounds like you were on your way to an out of body experience! The WILD method often incorporates maintaining consciousness through the transition where your body undergoes sleep paralysis, which occurs during dreaming to prevent us from acting out our dreams (believe it or not sleepwalking is not during the dreaming cycle!). As one maintains consciousness through the sleep paralysis transition, many have documented hearing noises (hypnagogic sounds as opposed to images) shortly before feeling themselves lift out of their bed and their body. It’s well known that sleep paralysis can be scary, but if you enter into it knowing the science of it and that it’s completely safe, you can have some pretty cool out of body experiences!

Well in my opinion you just recognized a few hypnagogic haluzinations and after the the sleeping paralysis. Sometimes you feel the sleeping paralysis. Its the last step before your body falls into sleep and many people have the same symptomes like you have when they recognize the sleeping paralysis.

But you dont have to worry. This happens just in your head. Think of it like a friend who wants to show you the way to a lucid dream :smile:

Thats right. A sleeping paralysis looks exactly like the feeling you described. :smile:

sounds like it mate~ just a wait a little longer after the Hypno stuff and a dream should form.

You had a small astral projection incorporated with a hallucination, got scared, and turned back to the sleep.

Be careful when you do that. :grin:

When I was very young I had astral projections. It’s not really common, but can happen and people usually dismiss it as a “floating dream”. But other people can and will see you when you manifest an astral projection even though you’re in the bed. You on the other hand will not see them clearly nor register them as people you know. It’s very weird to say the least. At that time not even a horse can wake you up, until you decide to do it yourself. Have a messed up time explaining that to other people who saw you pass by them without saying hello whilst you’re “dreaming”. :shy: :peek:

I stopped having them now that I’m an adult. Not sure I want to experience them again now when I think about it.